How Knowledgeable Are You About Gen Z Recruiting?

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Modern Hire

Are generational differences your recruiting blind spot? The expectations you hold for the youngest generation in today’s workforce could sabotage your efforts to hire them. Test your knowledge of Gen Z with this mini-quiz (don’t stress – it’s multiple choice!) Then, scroll for strategies to transition your hiring into the ideal candidate experience for Gen Z recruiting.

Generational Differences Matter

Was this quiz an eye-opener for you? Generational differences matter in ways that can catch you by surprise. Here’s another example: You schedule a video interview with a promising Gen Z candidate, and invite your hiring manager to join in. When it’s time for the interview to start, your candidate is a few minutes late. When he does connect, he’s in a hoodie, and it looks like he’s in the loud, crowded student union. You’re dismayed and more than a little upset about the informal way he’s handling this. But, hold on. As digital natives, Gen Zers handle most video engagement exactly this way. What appears as a lack of seriousness in his part is actually your candidate engaging with you the way he’s most comfortable.

3 Ways to Create the Supreme Gen Z Candidate Experience

Being candidate-centric with Gen Z recruiting is all about the technology you use to engage them. For the 22-and-under age group, communication and technology are synonymous. You can create a better Gen Z recruiting candidate experience that’s both high-tech and high-touch with an interviewing platform that integrates texting, self-scheduling, and on-demand video interviews. Here are three ways to achieve it:

Accelerate your process. An interviewing platform enables you to reach many candidates simultaneously, so you can reduce wait times in your process for each. Offer the self-service interviewing scheduling option and 54% of candidates use it within the first two hours.

On-demand video interviews enable candidates to respond at a time that works with their schedule. At Modern Hire clients, recruiters receive on-demand videos responses within 48 hours, on average. They can quickly advance the most promising candidates to hiring managers the same or next day to keep the hiring process moving.

Keep it simple with mobile. Reach Gen Z candidates where they are with technology they use every day. Choose an interviewing solution that’s mobile-first and social media-friendly. Applications like interview scheduling with a chatbot, and brief text interviews as a pre-qualifying step make your hiring experience simple and convenient for candidates. With a single-solution interviewing platform, it’s also a seamless experience as candidates advance through your hiring process.

Build a stronger brand connection. If you’re in touch with Gen Z, you know they talk about products and brands about 33% more each day than people over age 21 do. So, it makes sense that they want to explore your talent brand before they even consider applying with you. Make it easy for these young candidates to find out about your values and culture and start building that personal connection they find so appealing. Raise your talent brand’s profile on your careers site and on social media. Be sure your messages are true to your actual employment experience, and consistent across online platforms – Gen Z will notice if they aren’t.

More than half (54%) of Gen Z candidates expect to find their first job through their digital and social connections. It takes time for you to create those relationships and do more targeted outreach but it’s worth the investment. You can create the time you need for more candidate engagement with interviewing platforms that automate administrative recruiting tasks.

Gen Z candidates can be the motivated, tech-savvy and collaborative talent your organization needs to grow. If you run into a generational expectations mismatch as in the example above, don’t let it prevent you from hiring outstanding young talent. Try setting expectations in advance with Gen Z candidates about video interview etiquette, and also try softening your approach. Showing you value them for who they are is the secret to hiring the best talent no matter their age.

For more on how to engage young candidates faster and hire smarter, download our Ultimate Guide to Campus Recruiting.

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