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Recruiting on LinkedIn: The Do’s and Don’ts for 2020

With more than 690 million users across 200 countries and territories, recruiting on LinkedIn has incredible potential. We’re in an era of personal recruiting, though, and 30 million other employers are recruiting on LinkedIn. How can you stand out to qualified candidates and successfully scale LinkedIn recruiting for high-volume hiring? Here are tips for actively recruiting on LinkedIn in 2020 to improve the quality of candidates flowing into your funnel.

Do: Think personal 

  • Skip the message templates when you can, and make your messages to candidates personal, short, and conversational. 
  • If you need to use message templates for high-volume roles, customize them using your company’s vernacular and strive for a personal, conversational tone to increase your candidate response rate. Use this litmus test before sending: If you were a candidate, would this message make you feel valued as an individual and interesting in learning more about the job and employer?

Do: Be specific

  • In follow up messages, make your opening line authentic and candidate-specific. Avoid generic and overused compliments, such as “I was impressed by your profile.”
  • Use first names rather than more formal honorifics like Mr. or Ms.
  • If your next step is a one-on-one, ask about a specific date and time to connect.

Don’t: Ask candidates for referrals

Asking candidates to give you names feels salesy and contradicts the personal feel you are aiming for. Instead, use tools like the Create Search From Ideal Candidates and Find Nearby to generate lists of candidates who match your requirements. 

Do: Use your company page to stay in touch with candidates. 

According to LinkedIn, individuals who follow your company page are 81% more likely to respond to your InMail than non-followers. Inviting candidates to follow your page is a great way to boost your response rate and give candidates more insight into your organization, especially if you pair that with frequent posts. LinkedIn recommends doing a post per day but can be an ambitious goal. Keep in mind that the quality of your posts counts more than the quantity. Be selective and only post information that helps potential candidates get to know your organization better and stay up to date on your industry. Consider posting thought leadership stories, company announcements, and job opportunities. 

Extra tips for better ROI on your LinkedIn page: When your organization is hiring, make that the first message candidates see on the page. Also, continually update keywords so your page will come up in job seekers’ searches for the roles you need to fill. 

Don’t: Forget to spellcheck! 

You’ve put effort into recruiting on LinkedIn, so don’t negate those efforts with spelling mistakes and poor grammar. Here are a few ways to be typo-free: Write postings and page content in Microsoft Word, spellcheck in Word, then cut and paste into LinkedIn. Or, use an AI-powered writing assistant like the Grammarly application. 

Don’t: Stop learning about LinkedIn and its tools. The platform is always introducing new features designed to give you new insights into your process and candidates and help you optimize recruiting on LinkedIn for all kinds of roles, including hard-to-fill and high-volume positions.

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