Recruiting Automation And Candidate-Centric Hiring

Want to create a more candidate-centric hiring process for your organization? Try recruiting automation that’s embedded in an advanced interviewing platform. Here are five ways to transform your candidate experience with tech:

#1. Give candidates more control.

The two best reasons to do this? Today’s candidates like having more control, and it takes administrative burden off your TA team’s plate. Automated scheduling and on-demand interviews are just some of the applications you can use to shift control to candidates. With automated scheduling, candidates select an interview time that fits best with their schedule and can get it done on their smartphones. If you have AI integrated with your interviewing platform, you may have a virtual recruiting assistant who can schedule, reschedule and confirm interviews times with candidates using human language.

Invite candidates to an on-demand text, video or voice interview, and you give them control over where, when, and with what device they choose to complete it. You’re offering candidates the flexibility to engage with your hiring process as quickly as they’d like and at a time that’s convenient for them.

#2. Cut the delays in your hiring process.

Where are the delays in your hiring process that cause candidates to wait? Is it:

Delays in your hiring process - more candidate centric hiring

Recruiting automation can significantly reduce delays in all of these areas so you deliver a faster and more pleasing candidate-centric experience. Automated scheduling and on-demand interviews mentioned above can compress the hiring cycle.

There’s also automated candidate advancement, where your virtual hiring assistant scores responses to on-demand text interviews and invites qualified candidates into the next step in hiring. The assistant can also invite candidates at completion of an on-demand interview. Candidates quickly get their next interview scheduled and stay engaged in the process without any extra steps taken by your team.

#3. Keep candidates informed with better communication.

With automated text messages, recruiters can text at scale to keep candidates informed about interview times, next steps and other information that will help them feel comfortable in the process and up to date. And, the days of plain-vanilla auto messages are gone. Your team can use your corporate language and branding in one-to-many text messaging to help candidates feel valued and appreciated.

Some interviewing platforms with recruiting automation also feature dashboards to give recruiters a bird’s-eye view of where candidates are in the hiring workflow. These dashboards enable your team to quickly identify and prioritize candidate engagement needs, so they can communicate more effectively one to one for a more personalized hiring experience.

#4. Bring hiring managers along on your candidates’ digital hiring journey.

Hiring managers have a huge impact on your hiring experience, and not only when they’re face to face with candidates. Hiring is typically just one of their many priorities and that can lead to delays. Recruiting automation helps you involve your managers more effectively in hiring in less time, so they can contribute to your ideal candidate-centric experience. Three of the applications you can use for this:

  • Automated scheduling that uses the free/busy data in Microsoft Outlook’s Exchange calendar to find availability on hiring managers’ calendars
  • On-demand interviews that give hiring managers options to rate and score candidates as they review completed candidate responses so their feedback is captured automatically and can be easily shared electronically.
  • Unbiased candidate review, which automatically conceals the candidate’s identity and voice when hiring managers are reviewing on-demand video and voice interviews, and keeps it concealed until after the hiring manager enters feedback and a yes/no decision to advance the candidate.
#5. Increase recruiters’ capacity for candidate engagement.

All of the recruiting automation applications covered here create the time your team needs to really get to know candidates and work more personalized relationships. This is one of the most valuable and effective ways recruiting automation can help you improve your candidate experience.