Recruiting Automation in Healthcare TA

New technologies in healthcare are enabling major breakthroughs in everything from testing and treatment to patient communication and care workflows. The same is happening in healthcare talent acquisition, where enterprise interviewing platforms are helping TA teams respond with speed and purpose to the challenges of today’s healthcare talent market. Recruiters are empowered to keep candidates at the center of recruiting using purpose-built interviewing technology that integrates automation and artificial intelligence (AI). Here’s how four applications, united in a single-solution platform, support healthcare TA teams in driving intelligent candidate interactions and bringing their hiring process up to digital speed.

Healthcare recruiters engage candidates faster with text interviews.

Positions like member services call center reps and CNAs are some of the most difficult to fill because of the sheer volume of applicants. It’s tough to filter the entire candidate pool and identify the most qualified candidates quickly before they accept a job offer elsewhere. Healthcare TA teams have started using text interviews as a pre-qualification step. Text interviews are a simple one-to-many, automated approach for recruiters to start the conversation with candidates. Text makes it easy and convenient for candidates to answer a few basic questions about hours and availability, licensing, salary requirements and potential start date. Recruiters can instantly let qualified applicants know they’ll move forward in the process, and let others politely know they won’t be considered. Text interviews are incredibly efficient for healthcare recruiters and effectively eliminate that black hole of communication that is frustrating to candidates in all industries. 

Automated advancement creates a more candidate-centric experience.

An enterprise interviewing platform like Modern Hire which features an AI-enabled recruiting assistant takes automation to the next level in a way that’s comfortable for candidates and TA teams.

Modern Hire’s Intelligent Recruiting Assistant, enables automatic advancement of qualified candidates to the next interviewing stage based on predetermined criteria such as

  • Completion of interview questions
  • Meeting an interview rating score threshold
  • Scores in integrated third-party behavioral and skills assessments

Using natural language processing just as we’ve all become used to with Siri, Alexa and other chatbots, Modern Hire keeps qualified candidates moving forward and reduces hiring delays. With Modern Hire’s support, healthcare recruiters can shift more of their day to personal conversations and other candidate engagement strategies.

Nurse candidates and managers like the convenience of on-demand interviews.

For caregivers and supervisors who work varied shifts and spend most of their time on the floor, there’s rarely time for interviews. Healthcare TA teams in-house and at staffing agencies now use on-demand video interviews as an easier, faster first engagement step. Recruiters invite candidates to an on-demand interview via text, email or embedded link in social channels, and nurses can complete the interview on break or after their shift via smartphone. Highly configurable by healthcare TA teams, most on-demand interviews take just 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

For healthcare recruiters, the efficiency and collaboration potential with on-demand interviews are unmatched. TA teams receive interview responses instantly after candidates’ completion, so if they’ve sent out invites in the afternoon, chances are high they’ll have completed interviews to review the next morning. From there, they can score and rate candidates for nursing positions, and forward the most promising candidates via email to nurse managers. These hiring managers can make their decisions for live interviews or go directly to hiring based on the interview itself.

Cross Country Staffing, which partners with more than 2,500 healthcare facilities including 93% of the nation’s Magnet hospitals, reduced its turnaround time from 11 days to 3 days by integrating on-demand interviews in its workflow. The seamless candidate experience appeals to nurses: Cross Country achieved a 108% increase in candidate placements and a 94% increase in candidate renewals with on-demand. Get more details.

Respecting healthcare candidates’ time with automated scheduling.

Implementation of automated scheduling makes a fast, immediate impact in healthcare talent acquisition. Whether recruiting for high-volume jobs or hard-to-fill nursing positions, automated scheduling removes a huge administrative burden for TA teams and gives candidates more control. Modern Hire’s platform offers two options: candidate self-scheduling, and a more high-touch option with automated scheduling. With both approaches, the task of scheduling is handled quickly and conveniently for candidates, while scheduling automation frees TA teams for more strategic work. Automated scheduling that’s part of an advanced interviewing platform is an essential part of a seamless, branded experience that pulls top healthcare candidates through to the job offer. Intelligent interactions like these are vital to transforming healthcare talent acquisition.

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