The Ways Recruiters Win Through Integrated Tech

Video and voice interviewing gets recruiters excited because it helps them gain back 30% of their time each day. You know what can make it even better for recruiters? Having the technology integrated into the applicant tracking system. It takes efficiency to another level.

Clients work successfully with Modern Hire in both an integrated and non-integrated way. We work perfectly in both scenarios delivering the promised time savings, ROI, amazing candidate experience and brand elevation. But working with clients that have a long-term plan with their ATS usually involves integrating Modern Hire with the ATS at some point. Doing so allows recruiters and talent acquisition professionals to:

  • Automate interview workflows
  • Streamline scheduling
  • Enhance the candidate experience
  • Increase manager collaboration
  • Reduce redundancies
  • Drive greater adoption

Want to see Modern Hire in action? REQUEST A DEMO!

Next week, Modern Hire is attending an HR Summit in Boston hosted by IBM Kenexa. Modern Hire is a member of IBM PartnerWorld and offers easy integration with IBM Kenexa for video and voice interviewing. During the three-day conference, I will take the stage for a short talk entitled “Gain a hiring advantage with video and voice interviewing,” and we will be there to give attendees time to talk about the IBM Kenexa integration with Modern Hire and get hands on with it. This integration allows recruiters to:

  • Request on-demand video and voice interviews
  • Schedule video, voice and in-person interviews
  • Pre-populate candidate data – no double entry
  • Seamlessly provide video interviewing results
  • Review & score candidate interviews

As one of our clients shared, “The completed integration connects all our candidates that come out of BrassRing with Modern Hire. It’s a much more fluid process, helps immensely with candidate tracking, and lets our recruiters work in one system.”

If you would like to learn more about Modern Hire or our integration with IBM Kenexa or any other applicant tracking system, please feel free to contact me to set up a call. And, if you will be at the HR Summit next week, seek out the Modern Hire team at our kiosk so we can show you how this integration makes recruiters’ lives easier.