Recognize Team Players with Video Interviewing

According to NACE’s Job Outlook 2015 survey, employers want candidates who can solve problems, organize their work and communicate effectively. These findings may come as no surprise to people with experience in the world of work, and the same trend continues today. However, here is some news from this research: Employers said that the most important skill for candidates to have is the ability to work in a team structure. Work groups, project teams and cross-functional units are business-as-usual these days, creating a challenge for recruiters in finding the right team player for the job.

What’s the Right Kind of Smart?

Talent managers need individual employees with the solid math and verbal skills traditionally valued in the workplace. But, to have a high-functioning team, they need its members to contribute complementary kinds of smarts, too. These may include:

  • Naturalist intelligence – someone good at making distinctions, differentiating messages, understanding the larger picture.
  • Interpersonal intelligence – an employee who understands others’ feelings and motives.
  • Intra-personal intelligence – a person who understands their own thoughts and feelings, is good at motivation and planning.
  • Spatial intelligence – someone with good spatial reasoning and an active imagination.

The combination of types of intelligence on a team can really make or break its success.

How to Find the Right Team Player

A candidate may be a team player on paper, but to find the best person for a specific work team, recruiters and hiring managers need a better sense of their candidate. That’s where a video interviewing solution that’s purpose-built for hiring can make the difference. With on-demand video interviewing, hiring teams can screen many candidates to narrow the field to the best potential matches with speed and efficiency. Then, a live video interview brings candidates face-to-face with hiring decision-makers much faster than an on site interview. It’s a convenient way to assess a candidate’s communication skills, depth of relevant experience and enthusiasm for the position without leaving the office.

In the next few months, more than a million college grads will flood the market. Some already have jobs lined up, but many more do not. If you’re looking to fill a team position with a new grad – or a more experienced candidate – let video interviewing help you do the hard work. You’ll be pleased with the results.