Are You Ready to Engage with Gen Z Candidates?

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Modern Hire
generation z

Just when you’ve got a handle on a hiring process that speaks to Millennials, it’s time to revisit your perceptions and expectations about the modern candidate. In 2018, the youngest candidates to enter the workforce (ages 18 to 22) will be part of Gen Z, a cohort that represents 25% of the U.S. population. Gen Z candidates are even larger than the Millennial generation and more diverse.

Recruiters will want to be aware of some unique characteristics of Gen Z candidates. As children raised by Gen Xers (and in some cases Millennials), many are entrepreneurial, competitive and fiercely independent. They’re also highly practical, and cognizant of the concept of financial security. To stay ahead of the talent market, you’ll need to make some adjustments in your interactions with these young Gen Z candidates.

Here’s what you need to know in order to be prepared for Gen Z candidates entering the workforce.

3 ways to grab Gen Z candidates’ attention:
  • Talk Face-to-Face. 74% of Gen Zers surveyed by Robert Half said they prefer face-to-face communication with colleagues over email or instant messaging. It’s an interesting return to an old issue in hiring – how can you meet candidates face-to-face efficiently, especially those in another city, state or country? Video interviewing helps recruiters get over this hump with a tech-enabled process that makes it efficient for recruiters to connect live with multiple candidates in multiple locations each day without ever leaving their office. For candidates, it’s a fast, easy and convenient interview experience.
  • Show Them You Care. When evaluating an employer, Gen Z prioritizes company mission. 30% of the Robert Half respondents indicated they would take a 10-20% pay cut for a company with a mission they deeply care about. They also want to feel valued. It’s not enough to talk about your mission and corporate culture – Gen Zers want to see it for themselves. HR technologies that give young candidates insight into your brand can help. But, be sure your entire hiring process is consistent in supporting that brand, or you’ll quickly lose credibility.
  • Keep Up with Technology. Gen Z is the first generation made up entirely of digital natives. These candidates have ‘chatted’ with virtual math tutors on their school Chromebooks since 4th grade; smartphones and Wi-Fi are just normal life. For them, technology isn’t just for having friends – it’s how they interact with the world and get things done. They expect potential employers to have modern tech in the workplace, and that starts with a tech-enabled hiring process. Use HR technologies like ‘on-demand text interviewing‘ to make hiring interactions a fast, simple and engaging experience.