Quell Concerns About Phishing with Purpose-Built Video Interview Tech

August 21, 2017    |    2 minutes read

Modern Hire

Online video call platforms like Skype have become the latest tool for online swindles. Scammers have started using fake online job interviews as a way to obtain personal information for nefarious purposes, including identify theft. Gerri Walsh, Senior Vice President of Investor Education for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) outlined the threat in a recent article. Ms. Walsh states, Scammers attempting to obtain sensitive personal financial information are becoming ever more sophisticated in their tactics, manipulating moments of trust such as a job interview while simultaneously turning trusted tools such as online video platforms into potential weapons of fraud.

Enterprise-Strength Security Protects Against Fake Job Interviews

Providers of video interview tech that’s purpose-built for hiring have long understood the disadvantages of using consumer chat tools like Skype for interviews. Research with candidates and recruiters has shown that these types of software offer a less-than-ideal hiring experience.

However, the latest phishing scams make the significant differences between purpose-built tech and consumer tools even more critical. Purpose-built platforms protect against rogue use of the software, unauthorized access to data and distribution of malicious content in these ways:

  • Enterprise-Grade Security: State-of-the-art encryption methods, multi-factor authentication mechanisms, secure SOC and ISO audited environments and constant monitoring for unauthorized intrusions and denial of service attacks are just some of the strategies Modern Hire has in place to deliver enterprise-grade security. In addition, Modern Hire’s data protection policies comply with a host of global regulatory requirements, including EEO, AA, and the Privacy Shield framework. Our solution ensures data protection and secure communication between candidates and the hiring companies, from initial emails to the interview to follow-up.
  • Limits on Information. Personal information collected from job candidates is limited to contact information, recorded interview responses, and resumes outlining candidates’ qualifications. In addition, clients’ applicant tracking systems (ATS) remain their system of record. A mature video interview tech platform like Modern Hire is a natural complement – and not an overlap – to common ATS system functionality.
  • Control over Access. TA leaders control information-sharing within their organization by selecting which employees should have access to the video interviewing platform.
Assurance for Candidates

Job seekers are already being warned about these phishing scams, which can utilize on-the-spot interviews, fraudulent emails and copy-cat websites. While candidate vigilance is essential, purpose-built video interviewing platforms help companies do their part to assure candidates of interview authenticity. TA teams can inform candidates they use a trusted video interviewing partner, and share up front what candidates should expect. Also, every aspect of a purpose-built platform reflects the hiring company’s visual image and corporate tone.

Millions of legitimate interviews take place across the globe every day via video interviewing solutions designed for hiring. Learn more about video interviewing security with purpose-built technology.


Greg Meyers is Vice President of Technology Strategy at Modern Hire. He has more than 30 years of experience developing and deploying complex software systems. Reach Greg at