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7 Questions to Ask About Quality Pre-Hire Assessments

The use of pre-hire assessments is growing as recruiting teams look to improve their talent acquisition process’s efficiency and performance. A quality assessment solution can help recruiters make measurable gains in quality of hire and new employee retention. Whether you’re exploring this hiring technology for the first time or looking to upgrade your current solution, you’ll find there are dozens of pre-hire assessment vendors in the market. Due diligence is required to ensure only quality pre-hire assessment solutions make your shortlist. Here are some of the critical questions to ask in your initial evaluation.

Is it a point solution or an enterprise hiring platform?

Assessment technology can be broadly divided into these two categories. A point solution may be best if your organization makes a small number of hires each year. An enterprise hiring platform that integrates quality pre-hire assessments has significant value for organizations hiring hundreds or thousands of employees each year. In addition to pre-hire assessments, these platforms provide capabilities like live and asynchronous video and phone interviewing, and automated interview scheduling. These platforms offer several advantages for recruiters and seamless, convenient hiring experiences for candidates as they advance through the hiring process.

Are the pre-hire assessments validated?

Vendors of quality pre-hire assessments have the data to demonstrate their assessments do indeed measure what they promise to measure, and that should be candidates’ core competencies for a specific role. Without validation, you can’t be sure the pre-hire assessments will effectively contribute business value to your organization’s bottom line. Also, you run the risk of introducing more bias into your hiring process rather than minimizing it.

How is artificial intelligence (AI) being used?

This is a critical question that recruiters should be asking about every hiring technology they bring into their organization. AI is a transformative technology, but there can be substantial negative consequences when it is misapplied. In the recruiting environment, much of the risk relates to bias and fairness in hiring. With quality pre-hire assessments, there is transparency in the way the AI is used. It’s not behind the curtain – it can be easily explained. That is extremely important for TA leaders to be able to do with their leadership, their colleagues, and their candidates. Modern Hire takes a glass-box approach to the use of AI in quality pre-hire assessments.  Learn more about this innovative approach. 

Is the pre-hire assessment scalable?

Quality assessments can help recruiters manage the evaluation of thousands of candidates quickly, efficiently, and effectively. One of the additional advantages of scalability is that it ensures a consistent assessment process for the entire candidate pool.

How does the pre-hire assessment fit into a virtual hiring process?

Quality pre-hire assessments support what has become an essential capability for modern recruiting: 100% virtual hiring. Pre-hire assessments that are part of an enterprise hiring platform fit smoothly into the virtual workflow and enhance candidates’ virtual hiring experience.

Is it ready-to-implement or customizable?

Quality pre-hire assessments will have both options to fit an organization’s varying hiring needs. Modern Hire offers pre-hire assessments that are ready to implement for more than 60 job families. They predict candidates’ performance in certain roles in specific industries. Modern Hire’s pre-hire assessments can also be customized using an organization’s post-hire metrics to predict candidate performance specific to both the position and the organization.

Does the pre-hire assessment integrate with other HR and business platforms?

Quality assessments integrate with a range of candidate management, talent acquisition, and applicant tracking systems (ATS). They also sync with major calendaring systems to improve scheduling efficiency as well as the candidate experience.

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