Pushing Boundaries and Borders with Global Reach

When you get the word that your organization is exploring business options outside the U.S., the news may seem like a double-edged sword. Global expansion often signals enterprise strength, but the day-to-day details of hiring across borders can be daunting. For many of Modern Hire’s global clients, a purpose-built video interviewing solution is essential. It stretches the reach of talent acquisition teams while saving the time and expense of international travel. Despite being in different time zones, you can meet with candidates to assess fit before asking the most promising candidates to jump on a plane. You can also meet with hiring managers in face-to-face conversations that cement good working relationships across the miles.

Today, Modern Hire’s innovative video interviewing technology is used effectively and consistently in more than 180 countries. Our global clients rely on our platform to engage top talent and build interest in their organization as an employer.

If your goal is the same – ensuring a great hiring experience for your candidates around the world – be sure to explore these questions with your potential video interviewing partners:

  1. Will your technology work across our enterprise? The IT structure in a global enterprise may include many different web browsers. If your video interviewing provider only offers a single option for live video interviewing platforms, that solution may not be supported by all of the browsers, causing the need for additional downloads. Modern Hire’s interoperable platform gives clients a choice of live video platforms, including WebRTC, for a better candidate video interviewing experience. And, because global use typically means high volume, our platform is designed to handle tens of thousands of concurrent interviews.
  2. Is your support truly global? Some video interviewing providers have limited hours for live support or a hodge-podge of connection options for candidates depending on their location. Shouldn’t all of your candidates across all time zones have identical access to toll-free phone support, live chat, and email, 24×7? Look for a provider with a global client support team that is ready to assist anytime day or night so your candidates sail through any connection issues and can focus on a great conversation with your hiring team.
  3. Can you work with multiple brands? Elevation of your employer brand is a key benefit of video interviewing. If your global organization has a complex branding structure, you’ll want to find a video interviewing provider with the technology and the experience to accommodate multiple branded environments. This way, your candidates get the right branding message, and your employer branding strategy is carried effectively throughout your hiring process.
  4. How do you handle global data protection? There are a whole host of global requirements for data security and protection, including compliance with EEO, AA, and Privacy Shield regulations. Talk with your potential partners about their policies for protecting your candidates’ data, and their resources for remaining secure and compliant internationally. You want a vendor that understands both local and international laws in effect in the regions where you will do business.
  5. What’s your approach to global implementation? A seamless multi-national transition is your goal, so ask possible vendors about their experience in this area. Are training sessions offered on a staggered schedule to accommodate your HR professionals in all time zones? Will the vendor provide video-based training resources for your hiring teams to access at their convenience? Does the company’s process emphasize best practices in change management? An experienced partner will help to ensure your video interviewing solution is embraced and well-utilized across your organization, so you can rapidly realize that incredible 5-10X ROI with this technology.

Last but not Least, Language Localization

Not every global enterprise operates in multiple languages, but when you do, it’s convenient to be working with a video interviewing provider with experience and capabilities in this area. At Modern Hire, we translate our software for our global clients. We currently accommodate users around the world in 15 languages, with more added every year.

If your interest is peaked and you’d like to learn more about the advantages of video interviewing in global hiring, request a demo today.