Choose the Right Solution for the Problem

   |    2 minutes read

Jan 13, 2016

As video interviewing gains more traction in hiring and talent acquisition, there is an increasingly-definitive line between video conference chat tools (like Skype, Zoom, etc.) and a purpose-built video interviewing solution for hiring (like Modern Hire). This line can often be blurred since some of the technologies are relatively new. I want to give you a clear definition of “purpose-built,” and why it is paramount when it comes to choosing your direction for video interviewing.

There’s a difference between chat tools and video interviewing that’s purpose-built for hiring.

What is Purpose-Built?

Purpose-built means any product or service that was created specifically to serve an end-use or purpose. Modern Hire’s video interviewing solution has been purpose-built to transform the world of hiring and talent acquisition.

Let’s look at an example: You are looking for a transportation method to get back and forth from work. Knowing that you have to drive almost exclusively on the highway means you need a vehicle purpose-built to handle those conditions. You certainly could purchase a pair of rollerblades, which can get you to your destination too, but how might they perform on the interstate? To make your ride to work both effective, efficient, and safe you would choose a car or truck, purpose-built to drive on the highway. Additionally, you expect more than just an arrival at work. You also want to get there as quickly as possible, looking professionally groomed and dressed, and let’s throw in great gas mileage too. This further helps you determine what vehicle is best for you (though I don’t think a car can make your hair look better!). It is not dissimilar to trying to hammer a square peg into a round hole.

Why Purpose-Built?

As illustrated in the example above, a purpose-built product or service is beneficial outside of being the right tool for the job. Listed below are several more reasons why a purpose-built video interview solution is paramount:

  • Quality of Experience. Because Modern Hire is purpose-built for hiring we know that candidates are spread out and can be logging in to their interview from anywhere and on any device. The quality of the Modern Hire experience often surprises users who have previously only utilized web conferencing or social chatting.
  • Scalable Solution. As your organization grows, so should your infrastructure. Modern Hire has the ability to not only integrate with your current software, but also as you create and/or develop new partnerships.
  • Enterprise Strength Technology. All of our clients have access to all the products in the Modern Hire suite. Our experienced development team has architected a solution that can meet all the unique needs of your organization.
  • 24×7 Support. Our goal is to ensure the best experience for all participants. To that effect, we always have a real person available to help you troubleshoot if you experience any issues.

Modern Hire understands the complexities of the hiring process and created a video interviewing platform that is purpose-built for hiring and talent acquisition. Modern Hire’s video interviewing solution helps recruiters and hiring managers more effectively and efficiently engage and hire top talent.

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