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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Video communications have become the norm thanks to the pandemic. What was once an exception has now become the go-to method in recruiting. It’s convenient and cost-effective, especially in the initial round of interviews. 

Generic video conference software like Zoom or Skype are the tools closest to hand. But what these programs lack is an integration with the rest of the recruitment ecosystem. Modern Hire’s virtual interviewing technology and AI-powered automated interview science are changing the game. This technology brings data from video interviews, including asynchronous on-demand video interviews, into the overall hiring workflow. Here are the tools talent acquisition professionals can use to select and hire the best people. 

Step one: Modern Hire’s Automated Interview Creator helps recruiters create fair, consistent structured interviews with questions based on competencies and behaviors critical to success in that job.  

Step two:  Recruiters use Modern Hire’s automated scheduling to contact candidates via text or email or use an AI scheduling assistant to handle outreach. Candidates self-select their interview by choosing the day and time that works best for them, based on the availability provided. 

Step three: Talent acquisition professionals can use Modern Hire’s technology to schedule and conduct live video, phone or in-person interviews. Candidate-specific questions are correlated to information provided at earlier stages. Live video interviews integrate with third-party applications like Zoom and can accommodate virtual teams and panels. 

Step four: Modern Hire’s Automated Interview Scoring analyzes video interview responses and recommends ranked scores based on job-relevant data and core competencies. No facial recognition or other invasive, non-predictive methods are used. Modern Hire’s technology is powered by tens of millions of candidate interactions and nearly two decades of research and practice into human behavior, ethical AI, and compliant, best-fit hiring.  

Purpose-built for Hiring 

You have a problem. Finding qualified candidates in an extremely tight labor market. Speed is of the essence but so is positive candidate experience. It’s a lot to manage and you don’t need technology to be yet one more ball to juggle. Modern Hire’s hiring platform is built to make your life easier by providing: 

Quality of experience. Zoom or Skype can handle the video, but Modern Hire’s all-in-one platform customizes the experience to the company, job and person. Recruiters can integrate organization-specific content so that candidates get a better picture of the employer. Applicants can engage in Modern Hire interviews on any device from any location. In fact, the quality of the Modern Hire experience often surprises users who have previously only used web conferencing or social chatting. Among all Modern Hire clients, 95% of candidates agree that Modern Hire is easy to use and a good experience. What’s more, 97% report they’ve gained valuable insight and formed a favorable impression of the employer.  

Scalable, enterprise strength solutions. As your organization grows, so should your infrastructure. Modern Hire can not only integrate with your current software but is also ready as you create and/or develop new partnerships. All our clients have access to all the products in the Modern Hire suite. Our experienced development team has created a solution that can meet all the unique needs of your organization. 

24×7 Support. Our goal is to ensure the best experience for all participants. For that reason, we always have a real person available to help you troubleshoot if you experience any issues. 

Modern Hire’s video interviewing solution helps recruiters and hiring managers engage and hire top talent more effectively and efficiently. If this sounds like the solution to your hiring problem, contact us for a demo today.