3 Ways to Prepare for Campus Recruiting Right Now

With spring college graduation events just a few months away, now is the time for recruiters to prepare for campus recruiting.

According to a study by Collegefeed, 92% of companies agreed they had a ‘brand problem’ and therefore had a difficult time recruiting high quality college talent. This ‘brand problem’ may be a result of expectations from millennial students who’ve changed the meaning of work and the main traits they desire in an employer, straying away from traditional Baby Boomer or Generation X ideals. Organizations can improve their brand image with college students by showing ways they’ve embraced innovation, and by having a strong employer brand. By utilizing technology, having a strong social presence and sharing positive employee testimonials, you’re already ahead of the competition.

Technology That Accelerates College Hiring

If your organization has a campus recruiting strategy, it probably keeps you busy all year, not just during career fairs. With the prevalence of new technologies, career fairs and campus recruiting methods are not what they used to be. With the use of on-demand text, video interviewing and intelligent scheduling in campus recruiting, the process is not only more efficient but much of it can be managed remotely, so you can maximize the time you spend on campus.

Here are a few ways you can get ready for campus recruiting right now so you can hit the ground running at the next college career fair:

    1. Create a Branded Candidate Experience
      Technology makes it easy to create a branded interview experience for candidates, so it’s important to take advantage of valuable branding opportunities that keep your company front and center. While traditional signage at career fairs is important, you should also consider how your digital experience will be branded through user-friendly application processes, on-demand video interviews and live virtual interviews that integrate your organization’s logo, colors, links, documents and videos. Modern Hire makes it easy to provide a branded candidate experience with foyers – live virtual waiting rooms which can be customized to include videos, information, links and more for candidates waiting to join live interviews.
    2. Engage Candidates with Mobile Interviews
      To get a feel for students before meeting them on campus, engage them with on-demand video and text interviews. With on-demand interviews, you can learn more about the candidate than with traditional resumes or cover letters alone. Utilize the same process during career fairs by setting up stations for students to complete on-demand interviews on site. Though candidates can use any mobile device to participate in interviews, you can also bring a laptop or tablet with you for students to use if they don’t have their smartphone with them.
    3. Collaborate with Hiring Managers
      When preparing to visit campuses for career fairs, plan on using video interviewing technology to cut back on travel. Instead of sending both recruiters and hiring managers to events, recruiters can simply set up live video interviews with hiring managers or ask candidates to complete on-demand interviews that can be shared with managers via email. This strategy reduces travel and can help keep students from feeling overwhelmed by a large number of representatives from your organization.
Stand Out at Job Fairs

No matter how you’re incorporating interviewing technology into your campus recruiting efforts, there’s no doubt it’s time to prepare. In order to capture high quality college students for internships or entry level positions, you want to stand out at job fairs just as much as you do online, so be sure to incorporate your company branding in every aspect of the process and allow students to experience how innovative your organization is by embracing video interviewing technology.

Updated with new content. This blog originally posted by Greenjobinterview on October 3, 2016.