Pre-Screening Recruitment Technology

Marie O'Sullivan
recruiting metrics

Recruiters are trying to reduce their time to hire while increasing each candidate’s quality brought to their recruitment funnel’s final stages. Technology and innovative pre-screening recruitment tools are becoming the new norm in 2015. To gain a competitive edge, candidates need to keep up-to-date with these new pre-employment screening techniques. Don’t worry – we’re here to help!

Skills Based Assessment

One of the biggest financial wastes in an organization is staff turnover – but how can you prove to recruiters that you have the necessary skills for your dream job? Skills-based assessment technology helps recruiters fill in the blanks, testing candidates for a wide range of skills using specific tests or tasks at different difficulty levels depending on the role. From programming abilities to clerical skills, this innovative technology lets recruiters make a more informed decision before inviting successful candidates to the next stage. For candidates, the skills-based assessment allows them to better showcase their skillset, bringing them closer to their dream job. You can complete the interviews at your convenience, too – a massive focus for pre-screening recruitment tools.


Gamification uses game elements and game design techniques in non-game contexts. Leveraging the natural desire for competition, gamification makes technology engaging and enhances the user experience. This tool is great for recruiters and candidates (especially graduates!) as it encourages you to interact with the hiring organization. For candidates, these games present you with scenarios and situations similar to those you would encounter daily in this role – how would you deal with a customer or what would you do in a particular case. It allows you to shine and show your natural fit for the position. Gamification fits easily with the mobile, social, and cloud technologies that see colossal expansion in the recruitment world.

Social Media

Not so much a new method, but one that is gaining more and more influence as a regular pre-screening check for recruiters. According to a recent study by CareerBuilder, 52 percent of recruiters say they use social media to search for candidates during hiring. But what are they looking for? Sixty percent say they’re looking for information that backs up the candidate’s qualifications, and 56 percent say they want to see if the candidate has a professional online persona. Only 21 percent state that they are looking for reasons not to hire a candidate. As my manager would say, “If you wouldn’t be happy with that status/picture/comment on a billboard in Times Square, don’t put it online.” Check out your social media accounts privacy settings, be mindful of your potential audience, and don’t let poor spelling or grammar stop you from progressing in the recruitment process.

Video Interviewing

Have you been invited to complete a video interview yet? More and more companies have introduced video interviewing technology to their recruitment process, helping them meet more candidates earlier and ensuring the highest quality candidates progress. Video interviewing removes many everyday headaches associated with pre-screening interviews for recruiters. Replicating a face-to-face interview, video interviewing equals a more candidate-focused approach to recruitment. Candidates can complete their interview at a time that suits, in a location where you feel most comfortable. 86% of Sonru interviews are conducted from home, and over a quarter are completed on a mobile device. Get ready for your next video interview with some top tips or read Sonru Support FAQs.

Recruitment techniques and technology are advancing rapidly, shifting towards processes that engage and enhance the candidate experience. What other technologies have you come across in your job search?