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Pre-Hire Assessments for High Volume Hiring

Is your recruiting team able to bring hundreds or thousands of qualified new hires on board quickly if there’s a market-driven need? That’s the situation companies like Walmart and Walgreens found themselves in 2020. Many used pre-hire assessments to fast-track their workforce ramp up. Here’s how your team can respond to high-volume hiring demands with a candidate-first approach using hiring automation.

When speed is the hiring experience
Speed to offer has always been critical in high-volume hiring. It’s become even more so in recent times as candidates have come to expect digital interactions in virtually all aspects of life. Talented candidates often have more than one offer on the table, so recruiting teams can’t afford hiring delays. A virtual hiring platform that automates specific steps, such as automated interview scheduling and auto advancement of qualified candidates from a brief text interview into an on-demand interview and assessment, can reduce time to hire by days, even weeks.

At the same time, high-volume hiring must create positive hiring experiences for candidates. They can’t feel as if they’re simply a number, especially if you’re turning down many candidates who are also your customers. Recruiters need to deliver on personalization and high-touch experiences for all types of hiring situations, including high-volume. The impression candidates take away from the hiring experience about your talent brand can impact future sales and future high-volume recruiting success. With science-based pre-hire assessments integrated into an end-to-end virtual hiring platform, you can evaluate thousands of candidates quickly and fairly without much friction for hiring teams or candidates.

Pre-hire assessments deliver scaled insights
Using candidate resumes or social profiles isn’t practical for high-volume hiring. Resumes and social media scraping do not collect the correct data for identifying top talent. However, nearly half of companies start their hiring process with resume or social profile data, according to a recent talent analytics report by Aptitude Research. To accurately predict performance or quality of hire, recruiting teams need science-based, validated pre-hire assessments.

Modern Hire’s Virtual Job Tryout™ is a pre-hire assessment that allows you to quickly and efficiently gain insights into hundreds or thousands of candidates. With Virtual Job Tryouts to help you prioritize, you can boost new-hire performance, reduce turnover, and increase high-volume hiring efficiency.

Virtual Job Tryouts are job-specific. Candidate assessment is based on the competencies that drive performance in that role using innovative exercises beyond conventional cognitive and behavioral assessment. The bottom line? Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryouts provide evidence of how candidates are likely to perform in your environment.

When the Tryouts are used as part of Modern Hire’s platform, your entire talent pool has a seamless, efficient virtual hiring experience. Qualified candidates can move right from a text interview into an on-demand video interview and pre-hire assessment with no delay when they are auto-advanced. You gain the insights — at scale — you need to focus on the most viable candidates.

Take a candidate-first approach to high-volume hiring assessments
Another advantage to using Virtual Job Tryouts is Modern Hire’s candidate-first approach to automation. Far from the days of pencil-and-paper tests, the Tryouts are a branded, immersive, multimedia experience that creates genuine insight for everyone who participates. Candidates get the opportunity to demonstrate their job-relevant skills and knowledge and, at the same time, get a better feel for the job and your environment, so they can decide for themselves whether the job opportunity is right for them. It’s a big win for your talent brand.  And, when you’re evaluating large talent pools, having candidates become either more engaged through their assessment experience or self-select out is also a win.

Identify the right candidates, experienced or not
In the volatile job market of 2020, many candidates likely applied for roles in which they had little or no experience. Modern Hire clients took advantage of this opportunity using Virtual Job Tryouts to identify high-potential candidates, even when they were new to the role. Walmart leaned into its role as an essential business, hiring more than 500,000 new associates nationwide in just a few months. Read how Walmart’s award-winning retail associate pre-hire assessment developed by Modern Hire helped the organization set new high-volume hiring standards.

Modern Hire’s Tryouts help recruiting teams hire qualified candidates regardless of their prior industry experience by focusing on core competencies. That’s the power of using data-driven pre-employment assessments, coupled with industry-leading automation, to manage high-volume hiring for better hiring performance.