Engage Candidates with Simple Screening Tools

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Give your candidates what they want and expect – a fast and convenient way to get started. The Modern Hire platform makes pre-employment screening simple with automated, on-demand text and pre-recorded phone interviews.

Automated screening tools mean being able to move candidates who meet your qualifications forward faster, increasing you chances of hiring them before someone else does.

As soon as a candidate is interested in knowing more about you, all they need to immediately begin their journey is a few minutes to answer your job-specific screening questions.

Fast and Fair Text Screening

Our platform’s text screening tools offer scalable candidate engagement. With just a few clicks, invite hundreds or thousands of candidates to engage in a brief text interview with custom screening questions. Then automatically advance candidates who meet your qualifications to the next stage.

Each candidate answers exactly the same questions in a text screening, offering fairer and speedier evaluation.

The Modern Hire platform also has sophisticated text-based assessment tools for use after the screening stage. Find out how our industry-leading text-based assessment feature can help predict turnover risk.

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  • 98%

    of text messages are read within 6 minutes

  • 64%

    prefer a text message after applying for a job vs. an email or phone call

  • 90%

    of people search for jobs on their mobile devices

Automated Phone Screening

A phone screen is still the most effective strategy in some hiring scenarios, especially when access to technology is a concern. Get the conversation started faster with an automated phone screen.

With an on-demand phone interview, you can personalize the experience with custom content and the candidate gets to answer your questions when it’s convenient for them. Candidates who qualify to move on in the hiring process can then quickly be advanced to the next step, such as a pre-hire assessment or video interview.

On-demand phone interviews help you keep hiring momentum going and hold onto high-potential candidates.


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“On-demand phone interviewing is a big selling point. I’m offering candidates an opportunity to interview on their own time, when it works for them. I also get candidate responses much faster. On average, I send out 60 to 70 interview invites each week. I’ll have candidates to review the next day, and within a week, I have about 25 candidates to review. I would never connect with 25 candidates in a week over the phone, I just wouldn’t.”

Associate Recruiter, Healthcare Staffing Provider

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Screening Tools Are Just the Beginning

Our all-in-one science-based platform is rigorously designed to predict success.
Our comprehensive science combines with leading technology to transform business outcomes.


Our science-based, job-relevant Virtual Job Tryout assessment are rooted in our scaled insights collected from more than a billion candidate interactions across various roles and industries. Text-based assessment enables hiring teams to scientifically predict turnover with an on-demand text interaction in the screening stage of the hiring process.

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Conduct on-demand and live interviews using dynamically generated, job-specific behavioral, follow-up, and competency-based questions. Our interview technology includes structured rating scales to aid recruiters, automated workflows, and candidate self-scheduling tools.

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Put It All Together with the Full Platform

Text and on-demand phone screening are just two of the many capabilities built into the Modern Hire platform. Our enterprise-grade hiring software modernizes every step of the hiring process from pre-apply to offer acceptance. The Modern Hire platform offers hiring teams all the tools they need to make hiring effective, efficient, and fair.

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With HR technology on your side, and our tens of millions of candidate interactions, your hiring process will be efficient, effective, and fair.

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