Automate Scheduling for All Types of Interviews

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Interview Scheduling

Scheduling doesn’t have to be the chore that eats up your time and delays hiring. Modern Hire’s enterprise interview scheduling solves one of your biggest challenges while creating a convenient, personalized experience for candidates. Engage candidates with the self-scheduling option or let Modern Hire’s AI-driven recruiting assistant reach out to candidates and the hiring team to find the ideal interview time.

Automated Scheduling Takes Your Hiring Process from Days to Hours

Automated scheduling saves you hours each day and can be used for scheduling all types of interviews – video, phone and in-person as well as other hiring events. You can advance candidates automatically with invites-to-schedule triggered by an interview completion or receipt of hiring manager feedback. You can also use the completion of an assessment as a trigger to advance candidates to the next stage of your hiring workflow. Modern Hire’s platform integrates with all major calendaring, email, ATS and CRM systems, eliminating the need to work with multiple applications. With Modern Hire, interview scheduling couldn’t be easier.

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“I use Modern Hire to schedule our live voice interviews for CNAs and RNs. In the past, to get a candidate on the calendar would take about 4 days and now, a candidate applies in the morning and I can be interviewing them by the end of the day! Taking out the phone tag has taken my process from days to hours.”

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Using Enterprise Interview Scheduling in Your Workflow

Integrate automated scheduling at every point in your hiring workflow for applicant pools of every size. You can invite many candidates to schedule with one email or text or promote your event on social media and invite candidates to self-register and select their time slot. Modern Hire’s enterprise interview scheduling gives you the tools to create an exceptional scheduling experience for candidates and saves your time for more strategic tasks.

Interview scheduling

Modern Hire Platform

Pre-employment assessments are just one of the many capabilities in the Modern Hire platform. Our enterprise-grade hiring software modernizes every step of the hiring process from pre-apply to offer acceptance. Pre-employment assessments become even more powerful when combined with interviewing technology to deliver a personalized, two-way exchange between your company and your candidates.

  • Interview scheduling
  • Text interviewing
  • Phone interview screening
  • Pre-employment testing and assessment
  • Video interviewing – on demand or live
  • Interview guides and question libraries
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