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Fast-Track Hiring for Critical Roles

Each Hiring Blueprint recommends hiring workflows based on nearly two decades of research and practice, more than 400 client validation studies, and data from billions of candidate interactions.

Hiring Blueprints also track and measure key metrics to demonstrate and continuously improve hiring success by identifying best-fit candidates with more precision, increasing new-hire retention, and improving quality of hire.

Get started with Hiring Blueprints by choosing from among more than 40 specific roles.

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Highly Configurable to Meet Your Needs

Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints are recommended hiring plan templates, but each Blueprint is highly configurable so you can tailor the workflow to meet any of the unique needs of your role.

You can add or remove stages as needed, customize assessment content, add and edit questions and evaluation criteria, personalize job previews and candidate communication, and more.

Each role has a recommended workflow comprising some combination of three or more of the following stages:

  • On-demand text or phone screen
  • On-demand realistic job preview
  • On-demand job-specific Virtual Job Tryout™ assessment
  • On-demand video interview
  • Live phone interview
  • Live face-to-face interview
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Hiring Blueprint Building Blocks

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    On-demand text and phone screen

    On-demand text or audio questions ensure candidates meet minimum qualifications for the role. A standalone text-based assessment feature can be used to predict a candidate’s likelihood to stay on the job.

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    On-demand realistic job preview

    A realistic job preview, usually as part of an on-demand Virtual Job Tryout or on-demand video interview, outlines the benefits and challenges of the job, offering a candid view of the role.

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    On-demand video interview

    An on-demand video interview asks candidates dynamically generated job-specific behavioral and follow-up questions that allow hiring teams to make an initial determination of skills, abilities, and fit.

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    On-demand Virtual Job Tryout

    A job-specific Virtual Job Tryout assessment provides a realistic job preview, engages the candidate in a series of likely on-the-job scenarios, and asks about past experience, personality, work style, and more.

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    Live phone interview

    A live phone interview can be self-scheduled and asks dynamic, competency-based questions correlated to candidate information provided at earlier stages. Recruiters are provided structured rating scales.

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    Live video or in-person interview

    A live video or in-person interview can be self-scheduled and asks dynamic, competency-based questions correlated to candidate information provided at earlier stages. Recruiters are provided structured rating scales.

NEW: Telehealth Provider Hiring Blueprint

Modern Hire’s Telehealth Professional Hiring Blueprint offers a combined assessment and interview technology experience that offers scientifically valid prediction of on-the-job success for telehealth candidates.

It offers a three-step hiring plan template:

  • On-demand text questions to ensure they meet minimum qualifications for the role
  • A job-specific Virtual Job Tryout assessment with a realistic job preview and exercises to measure competencies related to success as a Telehealth Provider, including:
    • Produces Quality Work
    • Adapts to Change
    • Communicates Effectively
    • Follows Rules and Procedures
    • Drives for Results
    • Solves Problems
  • On-demand video interview with dynamic, competency-based questions and structured rating scales to aid the recruiter

"Blueprints manage both process and prescription, helping organizations guide their best candidates seamlessly from the moment of application. We help organizations hire efficiently and effectively, all while prioritizing the candidate’s experience."

Brian Stern, President, Modern Hire

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