Fast-Track Critical Jobs with Hiring Blueprints

hiring blueprints

When you’re faced with sudden, high-volume workforce demands, getting to high-potential candidates quickly is essential. The best way to do this is with a strategic hiring plan. Hiring Blueprints provide a repeatable, proven method to evaluate candidates for nearly 60 specific job families. Each step Modern Hire prescribes includes job relevant content, questions, workflow, and review information that has been scientifically proven to be valid, job-related and predictive of fit for role, performance and quality of your candidate post-hire. We can put a hiring plan in place that fits your needs.

Hiring Blueprints

  • Drive better hiring decisions.

    The Modern Hire platform facilitates better hiring decisions through more personalized, data-driven experiences for candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers, with a focus on being efficient, effective and fair. Our platform’s responsible integration of trusted science and proven technology support decision making at every step of the workflow.

    Accelerate hiring.

    Automated scheduling, calendaring integration, automated candidate advancement based on criteria like assessment results, reviewer feedback, and on-demand interview scoring keep the hiring process moving.

    Increase recruiter efficiency.

    On-demand interviews and science and data-based candidate prioritization save time, while pre-employment assessments help you efficiently identify the top candidates, illuminating their strengths and opportunities.

  • Personalized candidate experiences are essential to quickly hiring your best workforce. Hiring Blueprints leverage realistic job previews, two-way content and communications from recruiters and managers to create a personalized experience that helps candidates learn more about your company and job and position you as a desirable employer.

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  • Our data shows that the best candidates are the ones you have the least amount of time to act on before others reach and engage them. Modern Hire’s Blueprints provide the ideal balance of speed and quality so that you can fast-track best fit candidates and act on them to secure the hire.

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Personalize High Volume Hiring

Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints personalize candidates’ hiring experience with you through:

  • Integration of job- and company-specific content that helps candidates learn more about your organization and the job
  • Building on candidates’ journey in your hiring process with intelligent interactions that provide deeper insights for both candidates and recruiters
  • Realistic job previews, two-way content and communications from recruiters and managers to ensure that every step of the hiring process is a personalized experience

"Blueprints manage both process and prescription, helping organizations guide their best candidates seamlessly from the moment of application. We help organizations hire efficiently and effectively, all while prioritizing the candidate’s experience."

Brian Stern, President, Modern Hire

Hiring Blueprints concentrate your talent acquisition on present-day drivers of hiring performance:

  • Efficiency

    Smaller recruiting teams can accomplish more with Modern Hire on-demand interviews and science- and data-based candidate prioritization, while our pre-employment assessments help you efficiently identify top candidates.

  • Quality

    Every step of the hiring process is predictive for the recruiting team, from first contact through pre-hire assessments. With Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryouts, recruiting teams identify and focus on the best fit candidates who will be top performers, and avoid time spent with poor fit candidates.

  • Fairness

    Our transparent and candidate-centric focus ensures that your hiring process is fair, encourages diversity in your talent pools, and achieves the results and outcomes you require. The Modern Hire platform is built on our PhD-backed trusted science, candidate transparency, and our published AI Code of Ethics.

Modern Hire Platform

Pre-employment assessments are just one of the many capabilities in the Modern Hire platform. Our enterprise-grade hiring software modernizes every step of the hiring process from pre-apply to offer acceptance. Pre-employment assessments become even more powerful when combined with interviewing technology to deliver a personalized, two-way exchange between your company and your candidates.

  • Interview scheduling
  • Text interviewing
  • Phone interview screening
  • Pre-employment testing and assessment
  • Video interviewing – on demand or live
  • Interview guides and question libraries
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Ready for a candidate-centric hiring process?

With Modern Hire’s HR technology on your side, and our tens of millions of candidate interactions, your hiring process will be efficient, effective, and fair.

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