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Pick the Right Partner to Level Up Your Talent Selection

Though the era of AI-based hiring tools is evolving from a Wild West-like time, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly still seems appropriate for describing the state of AI-enabled talent selection in 2023. The pressure is on as 70% of companies plan to increase their investment in TA technology. However, more than half of HR professionals participating in that same survey said they weren’t always sure when their hiring technology used AI for candidate assessment. One thing is certain: Talent assessment leaders must carefully manage the selection of AI-hiring tools and vendors to ensure their organization can leverage the value of AI while avoiding the risks.

Globally, 45% of companies are using AI to improve recruiting and HR.

What a Technology Partner Should Bring to An Assessment Program

While AI-based hiring tools have exciting potential for elevating quality and efficiency in hiring, there’s no question that talent assessment leaders have more to think about when integrating these tools into their programs. How will AI-based hiring tools improve quality in our talent selection? How will we mitigate potential adverse impact issues, or defend against claims of hiring discrimination? How can we ensure the technology we choose will help us remain in compliance with changing regulations for AI in hiring not only locally but across the globe? A hiring technology partner should be able to help you address all of these concerns and more. Here’s what your partner should bring to your assessment program:


  • Validated science. Any tech vendor can claim to use science in their AI; few have the documented validation studies to demonstrate that the advanced selection science used in their AI-based tools is proven to predict job performance and reduce bias in hiring. Request their documentation. Find out how they test and control for adverse impact.
  • Ethical approach. Are responsible use of AI and fair candidate hiring experiences primary principles in their product development? Ask for proof that an ethical approach to use of AI in hiring is more than a marketing phrase.
  • New York City’s law regulating use of automated employment decision tools (AEDT) for hiring or staff promotions takes effect in April 2023, and it’s likely to set a precedent for similar laws at local and state levels. It requires employers using AEDT to provide evidence that the tools have undergone a bias audit. Your technology partner should be able to provide that evidence and be proactive in helping you comply with current and future regulations. 

Is Modern Hire the Right Partner for You?

Talent assessment leaders choose Modern Hire to level up their talent selection programs. Modern Hire is one of the largest employers of PhD-level selection scientists dedicated to talent analytics in the world, and we are widely recognized for our practical application of advanced artificial intelligence techniques in hiring.

Our commitment to ethical AI in hiring manifests in CognitIOn™ by Modern Hire, the talent intelligence at the core of our AI-based hiring tools. Cognition was developed and continues to be advanced with a glass box approach, meaning we are transparent in how our AI works and how it upholds the guiding principles we developed for the ethical use of AI in hiring. See how Modern Hire’s science delivers more.

We are also highly collaborative. Every day our team gets deep into the analytics with our talent assessment clients to help them understand how their selection systems are performing. Testing for adverse impact, delving into adjustment of cut scores to meet retention goals, developing custom assessments to meet very specific hiring needs – these are just some of the ways our IO team is helping clients enhance their assessment programs. See why Modern Hire clients have won an unprecedented seven Human Resources Management (HRM) Impact Awards from SIOP and SHRM in the last eight years.

As AI-based hiring technologies evolve, the gap between science-based, ethical tools and all others is becoming clearer. The right partner can help you lean into accelerated, quality hiring using AI-based tools with confidence. Request your Modern Hire demo today.