“Perisher brings in some 600 new staff as part of its 1300 seasonal workforce each year, with candidates for these roles coming from all over Australia and internationally. We needed a system able to accommodate the varying times that candidates were available to interview and when managers could review them.”
– Gavin Girling, Human Resources Manager at Perisher


Gavin Girling, Human Resources Manager at Perisher, tells us about their experience with our video interviewing solution. Implementing the tool for their seasonal hiring campaigns, Gavin gives us the key benefits Perisher that has enjoyed.

Some of the Highlights

“Sonru enabled us to give applicants the flexibility to schedule a time that worked for them to undertake the interview and for Managers to then be able to review these sessions at the end of the period to enable a better comparison of candidates.

This [Sonru] was far more effective that having to line up international call times that generally involved either the applicant or candidate talking by phone or Skype either really early in the morning or late at night!

The Sonru system also more realistically simulated an interview type atmosphere, with the candidates all being given the same questions and timeframes for answer which provides an easier way to judge their suitability on a comparative basis.

On our domestic recruitment Sonru has meant we have been able to assess candidates from many remote locations that in the past we may have had to have passed up on and has enabled us to reduce our National interview tour by 10%. For international candidates it means we are able to give each candidate the ability to put their case forward for selection and Managers are now better able to assess not only the answers but also key skills such as language and presentation, which are important for a number of our customer service roles.”

– Gavin Girling, Human Resources Manager at Perisher