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Our Working Future: Efficient Assessments

If the idea of an “efficient” hiring assessment brings to mind a cold or impersonal test that leans heavily toward the employer in terms of advantage, it’s time to modernize that thinking. The efficiency of today’s pre-employment assessments  is an advantage for candidates and hiring managers, too. In many ways, the efficiency of modern, technology-enabled assessments creates ripple effects that benefit all hiring stakeholders.

Pencil and paper assessments have given way to immersive candidate experiences that are incredibly useful for candidates. Pre-employment assessments like the Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryout™ use advanced technologies to immerse candidates in a job simulation and provide a realistic preview of a day on the job. How is this efficient for candidates? They are gaining valuable insight and knowledge about the employment experience while they are completing the assessment. Traditionally this type of information would be shared later in the hiring process only with candidates who advanced. With efficient assessments, many more candidates benefit from this information for their consideration of the job and the potential employer. Also, Modern Hire’s integration of pre-employment assessments with on-demand video interviews enables candidates to seamlessly complete these hiring process steps back-to-back using the same technology platform. Efficient assessments enable candidates to know earlier if the job is or isn’t a good fit for them, which helps recruiters keep engaged candidates in the process and allows other candidates to decide to move on to different opportunities quickly. 

Efficient assessments quickly provide recruiters with rich insight into 100% of their talent pools. Efficiency for recruiters usually means accomplishing more in less time. They can measurably do that with pre-employment assessments like Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryouts. Recruiting teams can screen and assess a high volume of candidates in hours or days rather than weeks. That speed means recruiters aren’t missing a portion of their talent pool or seeing top candidates drop out due to long response times. With Modern Hire’s technology, recruiters provide a consistent pre-employment assessment for all candidates free from the bias so often present in traditional hiring processes. They can also efficiently scale the pre-employment assessment process to match the talent pool’s size for that particular role.

Efficient assessments aren’t only about speed. Modern Hire Virtual Job Tryouts are proven to be predictive of candidates’ future job performance and turnover risk. Recruiters gain richer, data-driven insight into each candidate while at the same time their candidates are finding value in their Virtual Job Tryout experience. The result is a positive assessment experience for more candidates and certainty for recruiters knowing they are advancing a slate of future high performers to their hiring managers for review. Read how efficient assessments helped a global chain of convenience stores improve store manager new hire performance by 14% and retention by 12%. 

Hiring managers can find the right candidate for the role more efficiently. Efficient assessments help hiring teams move a high volume of candidates through the hiring process quickly. They provide data points that enable hiring managers to efficiently select the right candidates for the job, taking the guesswork (and potential bias) out of the process. That efficiency matters whether hiring managers need to quickly make hundreds of hiring decisions or fill just a few mission-critical positions. They help hiring managers to build new teams sooner and start seeing high performance faster.

Efficient assessments encourage candidate, recruiter, and hiring manager satisfaction. They reduce delays in the hiring process and satisfy the needs people have to feel that they’ve done well and made sound, well-informed decisions. The efficiencies enabled by technology in pre-employment assessments help recruiting teams create a next-level process that is up to the challenge of modern hiring.