Online Interviewing Removes the Roadblocks to Fast Hiring

September 17, 2018    |    3.5 minutes read

Modern Hire

A quick, streamlined hiring process has gone from a want to a need in the modern talent market. Faster speed-to-hire not only gives you a competitive edge with better candidates, it elevates your organization’s overall productivity by keeping the percentage of open positions low. Online interviewing eliminates many of the delays in a traditional hiring process, so you can accelerate quality hires.

What is online interviewing?

Online interviewing uses next-generation technology to connect candidates with hiring teams digitally via video, audio and text. Online interviewing software that’s purpose-built for hiring often offers live and on-demand (pre-recorded) interviewing as well as integrated hiring assessments and automated interview scheduling. Many online interviewing platforms are mobile-first, so candidates, recruiters and hiring managers can participate in interviews using their choice of back-pocket technology, PC or tablet.

3 Common hiring delays, eliminated

Online interviewing technology transforms the hiring process to make it modern, swift and collaborative. It eliminates delays candidates commonly experience in traditional hiring, including:

  • The wait for first contact – Candidates may wait days or even weeks after they’ve submitted their application to hear from a recruiter, especially if it’s a high-volume position. With online interviewing, recruiters engage candidates within a much shorter time frame using on-demand text and on-demand video and voice interviews. On-demand text applications allow recruiters to query a large volume of candidates with a single text message. It takes candidates just a minute or two to respond to simple questions about job requirements such as having a valid driver’s license or the ability to work weekends or third shift. Most people open text messages within the first few minutes of receiving them, and on-demand text interviews are no different. Alternatively, recruiters may invite any number of candidates to participate in an on-demand voice or video interview. Candidates record their response at a time and location convenient for them, and recruiters receive the recorded interviews immediately upon completion. Online interviewing makes it possible for recruiters to significantly reduce candidates’ wait and engage them more quickly at the front end of the hiring process.
  • The wait for scheduling – Online interviewing reduces the wait associated with scheduling an interview in two ways. First, automated scheduling applications eliminate phone tag and take interview coordination off the recruiter’s to-do list, so interviews get on everyone’s calendar sooner. In addition, since video and voice interviews don’t require travel, it’s easier for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers to participate with less lead time.
  • The wait with hiring manager feedback – Online interviewing streamlines collaboration with hiring managers, and simplifies the feedback process to speed it up. Some video interviewing platforms feature a virtual assistant that can prompt more timely feedback with reminders to hiring managers.

Proven to shorten hiring cycles by up to 14 days

Online interviewing is proven to shorten hiring cycles by up to 14 days, allowing recruiters to get to the job offer stage faster. The reduction in time-to-hire is driven by elimination of hiring delays as mentioned above, but also by increasing recruiters’ efficiency. The automation and digital transformation with online interviewing technology gives recruiters more time each day to concentrate on candidate engagement. Recruiter dashboards integrated with online interviewing solutions help recruiters keep closer track of candidates and move them through the hiring process faster. Learn how online interviewing helped recruiters for a national health insurer speed up their hiring process and shift their focus to the most viable candidates.

Positive impact on candidate experience

Faster hiring with online interviewing is a positive experience for candidates. The stress of job hunting is reduced with simple, fast and transparent hiring interactions, and less wait time in between. Candidates learn sooner if they will move on in the process or should pursue other opportunities. And, candidates meet their own objective faster when recruiters can make a job offer more quickly.

Does online interviewing sacrifice quality for speed?

No. The opportunity to engage with candidates via video, voice and text interviewing technology gives recruiters and hiring managers a deeper sense of candidates’ fit for hire earlier in the process. And, some purpose-built online interviewing platforms integrate hiring assessments with on-demand interviews to provide additional data points, promoting smarter hiring decisions. Online interviewing also gives candidates a closer look at their potential employment experience to support more informed acceptance of job offers.

TA leaders rate time-to-hire as top criterion for success

When defining the success of new technologies they’ve implemented, TA leaders prioritize speed and efficiency. More than six in ten (62%) TA leaders rated time-to-hire as the top measure of success. If an inefficient or outdated hiring process is causing you to lose out on your top choice in candidates, online interviewing could be an effective solution. Video interviewing technology that’s purpose-built for hiring is proven to help companies of all sizes, including global organizations, reach, engage and hire quality candidates faster.