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On-demand Video Interviewing is Transforming Healthcare Hiring

Even before the pandemic, healthcare workers were in high demand, and the professional stress of the past three years has exacerbated this situation. A 2021 poll by Morning Consult found that almost one out of every five healthcare workers left their jobs since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and nearly a third (31%) have considered leaving. Of those that have stayed, 19% considered leaving the healthcare field altogether.  

Healthcare recruiters have their work cut out for them. In a highly competitive marketplace, they need tools to streamline workflow and identify the best candidates quickly.  

Screening with On-demand Video Interviewing  

Talent acquisition professionals at Penn Medicine, a multi-hospital and research healthcare system in Philadelphia with over 25,000 employees, face a high volume of applications for each job opening. Recruiters must engage large numbers of candidates quickly while staying on top of their ongoing requisition load. The challenge is that completing a phone interview takes 45 minutes – including the time to identify a candidate, schedule the interview, and perform the interviewing call itself.  

To save time scheduling and completing phone interviews with each candidate, Penn Medicine integrated a Modern Hire on-demand video interview into its workflow. 

By utilizing Modern Hire’s open invite capabilities, recruiters invite all qualified candidates to complete the on-demand video interview with one email. After reviewing the video interviews, recruiters can present the best candidates to the hiring manager. Penn Medicine’s recruiters also work with hiring managers to develop very targeted questions to ask in the on-demand interviews. The workflow makes it easy for hiring managers to quickly assess candidates between patient visits or time on the floor. They have also found that the candidates who use Modern Hire on-demand video interviews tend to be more interested in the opportunity and are more confident when they come in for their face-to-face interview. 

Demand for Predictive Analytics Skills  

As industry becomes increasingly data-driven, predictive analytics has become a mission-critical skill set, and the demand for people with these skills is high. That means healthcare recruiters are up against tough competition from other industries in filling their management analyst, market research analyst and marketing specialist roles. Video interviewing can ease the process in several ways: 

  • Recruiters can source niche groups via social media and invite candidates directly into an on-demand video. 
  • Recruiters can advertise a text code through multiple media channels, inviting candidates to text for an immediate invitation into an on-demand voice interview. This capability extends recruiters’ reach to the talent pool that doesn’t have or use smart phones. 
  • Currently employed candidates can complete an on-demand or live video interview without taking time off from their current job. 
  • Recruiters can further engage candidates with their employer brand and demonstrate the company’s sensitivity to candidate convenience.    

Demand for Bilingual Candidates 

  • The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) projects a massive shortage of physicians in the U.S. within 12 years, with a particular demand for bilingual talent and cultural competence. Video interviewing is high-value technology that can help recruiters identify and screen bilingual talent for fluency.    
  • Video interviewing makes it convenient for bilingual candidates to participate in a panel interview right from their workspaces – in any location. 
  • Recruiters can quickly share recorded live and on-demand interviews with other members of the hiring team to get their input on candidates’ fit with organizational culture as well as bilingual skills. 
  • The capability to ask questions and request responses via video, audio or written format enables organizations to get a 360 view of candidates’ fluency. 

Offer a Superior Healthcare Hiring Experience 

There’s no question that healthcare hiring is tough for both clinical and non-clinical positions. However, in addition to the advantages described above, video interviewing gives healthcare recruiters an edge by offering a positive hiring experience for candidates, as well as brand elevation due to the configurable nature of purpose-built video interviewing solutions. 

When recruiters can dialog with candidates face-to-face earlier in the hiring process, and offer them a convenient, innovative way to connect, they’re more likely to attract the attention of candidates they hope to hire.