How Nucleargraduates Assessed for Success

Sonru’s joint application with Anna Byrne, Recruitment & Selection Lead at nucleargraduates, one of Sonru’s long time clients, made the cut for the ‘Excellence in Candidate Assessment’ category in the ABP Workforce Experience Awards 2016. Anna showcased her shortlisted entry at a roundtable discussion at “Business Psychology in 2030: The Future of Work” and has kindly offered to share her story with us today. It makes a compelling case for overhauling your recruitment process, and video interviewing was one of the methodologies that saved the day.

The Challenge

  • We were receiving thousands of applications for limited graduate places
  • Our recruitment was very costly – external agencies
  • The considerable administrative burden for the team of just 1.5 (one full time and one part-time employee)
  • WE NEEDED to reform our recruitment process.

Recruitment Process: Before & After

While key wins include a reduction in administrative costs by 80%, better candidate selection in terms of fewer candidates brought forward to even fewer Assessment Centres with better conversion to offer rates, we are delighted with the consistency and fairness of this revised process, which has also enabled us to bring the recruitment function back in-house.

“The process provides a robust test of a candidate providing evidence of their suitability for the roles in terms of technical and behavioral competencies.”

Debbie Harrison-North, Head of Recruitment, Office for Nuclear Regulation

“With a completion rate of 81% (above the Sonru system average) and almost 90% satisfaction with the overall candidate experience, nucleargraduates are “extremely happy with Sonru. When we looked at budgets for next year, the first thing we decided on was maintaining Sonru. I don’t understand why everyone isn’t using Sonru, but the longer that continues, the better for us as it gives us a competitive advantage in the war for graduate talent.”

Anna Byrne, Recruitment & Selection Lead