How Nontraditional Hires Can Transform Your Organization

2020 is not a normal year. The world has seen massive upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Entire industries have been decimated, and the road to recovery remains treacherous. Given the unpredictable nature of the economy in the face of the current pandemic, organizations need to build and maintain staffing resiliency more than ever.

But two issues must be dealt with to realize staffing resiliency:

  • You must know which jobs require which competencies to ensure successful new hires, and
  • You must be able to measure the relevant competencies of your employee and applicant base.

It is human nature to expect that having experience doing a particular job is a relevant and essential qualification for a new hire.

However, years of experience is rarely a strong predictor of success, and at times can even be a negative indicator. Specific expertise and acquired wisdom can undoubtedly be valuable predictors of new hire success, but frequently, these can be attained from jobs in other fields.

Learn how, with Modern Hire, you can use tools such as structured, behavior-based interviews, and scientifically-derived assessments to measure job-relevant competencies and hire the people most likely to succeed on the job.