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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Case Study: Not-For-Profit Healthcare Organization



As one of the nation’s top health care systems, this organization treats 700,000 patients each year through its network of integrated health facilities. A leader in genomic medicine and wireless health technology, it has been named to Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work for 10 consecutive years.



The talent acquisition team knew that speed to hire was a major issue. With numerous competitors in the area also looking for top talent, they knew that the way to win was finding a way to quickly engage candidates and streamline the hiring process for their 30 clinics throughout the community.

However, the current process was outdated and slow. Time between application and first contact could be more than two weeks. Recruiters were spending much of their time on phone screens with candidates who were not qualified. When recruiters finally did present a slate of candidates to hiring managers, it took at least 12 days to get interviews scheduled.


Solution and Results

The solution was in the data. With the Modern Hire enterprise hiring platform, the workflow was transformed to improve speed and quality in hiring and put candidates at the center of its process.

The system designed for this company championed auto-progression. Once a candidate met the preferred qualifications, within moments of applying, they received an invite from Modern Hire to an on-demand or live voice interview. Those on-demand interviews were completed within 24 hours, and experienced professionals get on recruiters’ calendars in under 12 hours.

At the same time, the team implemented a new behavioral interviewing program using Modern Hire’s library of interview questions. To reduce managers’ frustration in talking to candidates who ultimately were not interested in the position, they created more than 100 job welcome videos with just an iPhone and tripod, then integrated the videos in the behavioral interviewing program. The team is also using Modern Hire’s virtual foyers to extend the candidate experience with welcome calls completed within 24 hours of offer acceptance.

As a result of the innovations put in place, the company has seen significant improvement in the speed of its process. Using Modern Hire’s platform, candidates are quickly engaged into the hiring process, often hearing from a recruiter within one day of their application. This keeps them from leaving the hiring process and applying or taking a job elsewhere. This is especially important in high-volume roles where there is more demand than supply. Modern Hire has allowed the team to identify candidates with the right qualifications and behaviors, to help ensure the company is creating the right culture, no matter which location they’re hiring for.


Hiring Process Challenges

  • High candidate drop-out rate due to slow hiring
  • Too much recruiter time spent on phone screens and paper-based administrative tasks
  • Team performance limited by outdated workflows