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Modern Hire Launches New Languages for AIS, Answering Demand from Global Enterprises for Multiple Language Support to Enable Ethical, Diverse Hiring

AI interview rating solution now available in 23 different languages to help global businesses mitigate unconscious bias and ensure fair, diverse, and efficient hiring

CLEVELAND, AND DELAFIELD, WIS –– (August 10, 2022) –– Modern Hire, the leading enterprise hiring platform for video interviewing and pre-hire assessments, today announced new languages for its Automated Interview Scoring (AIS), an on-demand interview technology that uses advanced artificial intelligence (AI) models to evaluate candidate responses and provide hiring teams with recommended scores. Building on the success of A\IS for U.S.-based hiring, Modern Hire AIS will now be offered in 23 languages, including dialects, to support ethical and diverse hiring across the globe.

Global recruitment can help businesses increase the size of their hiring teams’ talent pool in a competitive job market and simultaneously improve workforce diversity. Modern Hire’s purpose-built AI-driven video interviewing and scoring solution expands the reach and efficiency of talent acquisition teams by allowing candidates across time zones and languages to conduct virtual interviews at their own convenience, then using AIS’s science-based scoring recommendations, ensure faster and fairer selection.

“Businesses worldwide are discovering the many benefits a diverse workforce can provide in greater innovation and increased profitability,” said Mike Hudy, Ph.D. and Chief Science Officer at Modern Hire. “By supporting multiple languages with our latest interview scoring technology, we empower global enterprises to raise their game in diverse and ethical hiring. Candidates are provided a modern and engaging interview experience based on job relevant questions and competencies in their language of choice, while global hiring teams can enjoy a fair, fast and accurate path to hiring success.”

First launched in June 2021, Modern Hire’s AIS uses an advanced AI model trained on 1.5 million interview responses. Through extensive research and development, Modern Hire’s AI models were trained and analyzed to mitigate adverse impact and verified to reduce bias when compared to human raters. In fact, AIS has been shown to be over three times less biased than human interview scorers.

With the addition of these new languages, AIS now provides verified, job-specific question sets in various languages across North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and more, during the interview process. Modern Hire’s automated interview feature then transcribes and evaluates candidate responses in those respective languages, before providing recruiters and hiring managers with rankings and an overall score. When combined with Modern Hire’s Automated Interview Creator (AIC), announced earlier this year, recruiters have access to a robust library of the most pertinent interview questions across multiple industries for nearly any job context, which again results in faster, more precise, less-biased interviews. This allows hiring teams across the globe to assess best fit candidates quickly and confidently, resulting in long-term success for the business.

“Transparency is key when it comes to interviews and hiring,” said Karin Borchert, CEO of Modern Hire. “This is achieved by focusing only on the content of what candidates say during the interview process related to how they will perform on the job, not on subjective information that can lead to bias. Modern Hire is committed to expand our advanced science-based interview technology to include support for many languages, enabling interviewers to use AI to make more consistent, fair and informed hiring decisions across the globe.”

For more information on AIS International, please visit https://modernhire.com/platform/automated-interview-scoring/. To learn more about Modern Hire’s award-winning, science-based enterprise hiring platform, please click here.

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