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Modern Hire Launches Book on the Power of Using AI to Solve Today’s Most Pressing Hiring and Retention Challenges

Decoding Talent expounds on the new way to reframe and rebuild talent management leveraging AI appropriately and ethically; offers best practices and a six-step model to transform talent management in the age of AI

CLEVELAND and DELAFIELD, Wis. (March 15, 2022) — Modern Hire, the leading enterprise hiring platform for video interviewing and pre-hire assessments, today announced the launch of a book Decoding Talent: How AI and Big Data Can Solve Your Company’s People Puzzle. Co-authored by Modern Hire’s Eric Sydell, EVP innovation and Mike Hudy, chief science officer – both I/O psychologists – in collaboration with best-selling author Michael Ashley, the book offers HR practitioners research-based knowledge and strategies for leveraging data and AI to build diverse and successful workforces, while addressing the responsibilities of using AI.

“More organizations are turning to advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to overcome the talent acquisition pressures and complexities of today and to do so fairly,” said Sydell. “AI is gaining traction among hiring teams, but it continues to be greatly scrutinized and increasingly regulated through legislation to ensure it’s used ethically. For the power of this technology to be fully realized, AI must be carefully harnessed and intentionally applied.”

Hudy added, “Our intention with this book is to challenge HR teams to rethink their current processes. We want them to understand how to start to apply more ethical, productive approaches to hiring with AI and deep learning tools based on scientific methods. Hiring teams don’t need to become AI experts or creators, they have to empower themselves with understanding how this technology complements what they do, and how it can help them create the ideal talent acquisition model of the future.”

A must-read for businesses facing today’s talent shortages and retention issues, Decoding Talent explains how modern HR organizations can leverage data, analytics, and emerging AI tools to achieve superior hiring outcomes and manage their workforces with greater insight than ever before. Not intended to replace the human decision-maker, AI and machine learning are designed to complement decision-making skills by consolidating and analyzing data to recommend actions.

“This is a rare and valuable book that clearly explains the benefits, limitations, and social responsibility associated with using complex machine-learning algorithms to build workforces,” said Steven Hunt, PhD, Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) Fellow. “Using illustrative examples that reflect the authors’ decades of real-world business experience, the book explains these tools in an accessible manner without oversimplifying how they work, underselling their value, or overpromising their potential. It should be basic reading for anyone exploring the use of machine learning as a way to improve hiring effectiveness.”

In the book Sydell, Hudy, and Ashley explain why the traditional resume-based process is out of date, why hiring is difficult, the cost of bad people decisions, how bias interferes in hiring practices, and how AI can address these problems. They introduce a six-step process to guide organizations in how to harness the power of AI and big data to build a more diverse, engaged, and productive workforce.

Published by Fast Company press, Decoding Talent is available on Amazon.com and via Barnes & Noble in hardcover for $24.95. For more on the book, visit: https://modernhire.com/the-cure-for-ai-anxiety/.

About the Authors

Eric Sydell, PhD, is an industrial-organizational psychologist, seasoned entrepreneur, and skilled consultant with more than two decades of experience working in the recruiting technology and staffing industries. He was one of the founding scientists of Shaker International. An expert in AI, machine and deep learning, psychometrics, and their practical application in hiring, Sydell regularly writes and speaks on these topics, both in the media and at academic and industry conferences worldwide. He currently serves as executive vice president of innovation at Modern Hire, where he oversees all research and product innovation initiatives.

Mike Hudy, PhD, is an industrial-organizational psychologist and industry expert in predictive modeling using human capital data, experiment design, and talent analytics. He was also one of the founding scientists of Shaker International, an innovative hiring consulting and solutions firm, where he was executive vice president of science. Currently serving as chief science officer at Modern Hire, Hudy is skilled in deciphering talent acquisition complexities and ambiguities to create practical, effective, and satisfying solutions for organizations and their candidates.

Michael Ashley is a former Disney screenwriter and the author of more than twenty-five books on numerous subjects. A regular contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur, he writes about AI and big data from his vantage point as part of the United Nations’ AI for Good summit series. Also an ambassador for City.AI, an international organization for the ethical use of tech, he is an in-demand professional speaker who keynotes on average three to four times a month for various organizations.

About Modern Hire

Modern Hire’s intelligent hiring platform transforms each step of the process with screening, assessment, interview and workflow automation tools that make hiring more effective, efficient, ethical and engaging. Modern Hire is differentiated by its advanced selection science and is trusted by more than 700 leading global enterprises and nearly half the Fortune 100. Find out more about the company’s commitment to seriously better hiring at www.modernhire.com.