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Modern Hire Launches AI-Powered Automated Interview Creator; Next Gen Structured Interviews Elevate Hiring through More Efficient and Ethical Selection

Empowers hiring teams with optimal interview questions based on unique job requirements across industries to identify best-fit candidates quickly and confidently, while reducing bias

CLEVELAND and DELAFIELD, Wis. (March 9, 2022) — Modern Hire, the leading enterprise hiring platform for video interviewing and pre-hire assessments, today announced the release of Automated Interview Creator (AIC). Modern Hire’s latest science-based interview technology, AIC provides hiring and recruiting teams with the recommendations for optimal interview questions based on job requirements to identify best-fit candidates quickly and confidently.

Building on the success of Modern Hire’s Automated Interview Scoring (AIS), an on-demand video interview feature that uses AI to fairly evaluate candidate responses, AIC leverages a robust library of the most pertinent interview questions across multiple industries for nearly any job context, resulting in faster, more precise, less-biased interviews. AIC’s intelligent search continuously improves results over time, further enhancing the accuracy and relevancy of the structured interviews it powers.

“Automated AI tools are increasingly improving and accelerating the hiring process as the demands on hiring teams continue to rise,” said Mike Hudy, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer at Modern Hire. “AIC allows hiring teams to hire quickly and confidently build interviews based on our science-based library of questions, specific to the competencies and behaviors critical to job success. This enables higher quality hiring decisions, essential for organizations looking to gain an edge.”

With a human-centric focus, Modern Hire’s Automated Interview Creator is built for how hiring teams work today, offering the ease of use, flexibility, accuracy, and assurance they need to build great interviews. Through an AI-driven search engine, interview questions are linked to job requirements and can be filtered by competency, job family and keywords, enabling hiring teams to identify questions covering what’s required for success, improving the experience of both hiring teams and candidate. Questions are available for all types of interviews, both live and on-demand including text, phone, video, and in-person interviews.

Key benefits of Automated Interview Creator:

  • Drives hiring efficiency — Through its AI-driven search engine, AIC enables hiring teams to ask the right questions to best identify candidates with the skills needed to succeed and that are most qualified for the job. Modern Hire’s science-driven library of questions targets the competencies and behaviors critical to success on the job in tandem with its AIS structured rating scales for consistent, accurate and ethical evaluation.
  • Provides accuracy and confidence in hiring decisions – Modern Hire’s AIC content is based on validations including more than 500 research studies of market leaders over several decades, led by a large team of Industrial-Occupational (I-O) psychologists. This results in confidence among hiring teams, knowing the science and content behind AIC is rigorously developed and relevant to specific job functions.
  • Ensures ethical and diverse hiring – Leveraging AIC, hiring teams can feel confident their candidates are receiving interviews consistent with and focused on factors directly related to job success, making the hiring process ethical and fair. When integrated with Modern Hire’s AIS, AI is applied to evaluate candidate responses to on-demand interview questions and provides hiring teams with recommended scores. This is proven to combat interview bias and ensure fairer, more effective hiring decisions.
  • Makes the interview process engaging for candidates – Since candidates are presented with questions and scenarios most relevant to the role, they have an opportunity to draw from their direct experience and skills, resulting in a more engaging experience with greater outcome.

“As seen in our 2022 Hiring Trends Report, recruiting teams need maximum agility in their hiring efforts, and AIC is a powerful tool in speeding time to hire in an ethical, science-based way,” said Karin Borchert, CEO of Modern Hire. “We’re excited to offer AIC as the latest in hiring automation, as we continue to deliver on our mission to provide enterprises with advanced hiring solutions that optimize their effectiveness throughout the entire hiring process.”

To learn more about Modern Hire’s AIC, please visit: https://modernhire.com/platform/automated-interview-creator/                                                                        

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