Need New Campus Recruiting Ideas? See Us Next Week at NACE

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Modern Hire

Next Tuesday, 1,700 professionals will gather to share smart new ideas for strategic campus recruiting at NACE Chicago 2016. This year’s theme is Limitless Possibilities, something we can get behind 100% at Modern Hire with our purpose-built video interviewing technology. Many of our clients have engaged with us specifically to solve college recruiting challenges. They’ve found unlimited ways to use our video hiring software to elevate their talent acquisition.

Video interviewing is always a hot topic at NACE expos. We expect steady traffic at our booth (#1121) as university relations and recruiting folks stop by to discuss their pain points and learn more about the technology. I wouldn’t be surprised to see even more people than usual this conference. According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, 67% of employers say they plan to hire recent college graduates this year, which is the highest percentage in this outlook since 2007. They face some common challenges across industries with campus recruiting, which video interviewing technology is well-suited to handle. Here are three of the questions I expect employers will be asking:

  1. How can we manage our time better so we can concentrate on the right candidates? Nearly 50% of managers say new grads are not well-prepared for their jobs, according to a recent study. This makes it all the more important for recruiters to identify and engage the right candidates. Many now use on-demand video interviewing as an essential screening step. The use of on-demand purpose-built video hiring technology enables a critical recruiting process improvement: Screening that is simultaneously more in-depth and more time-efficient. Recruiters can quickly find the most promising candidates, and spend more of their time finding out if their soft skills are on par with the job and hiring manager requirements.
  2. How can we build our brand so we catch the attention of top graduates? Let’s face it – for the young and newly graduated, personal credibility comes from being able to tell their friends they’ll be working for Google, Amazon, Netflix or YouTube, in that order. If your brand isn’t on this list, the good news is video interviewing is effective for branding as well as hiring. You can get your employer brand message across so it resonates with candidates in face-to-face dialog in a live video interview. Introduce your top candidates to a hiring manager or colleagues in a live conversation or via video in on-demand interviewing applications. The use of video interviewing also sets you apart as an innovative and forward-thinking employer, according to 98% of candidates surveyed who’ve participated in a live Modern Hire interview. Think of the buzz you could generate on social media by offering new grads the chance to video interview.
  3. How can we engage with this young talent pool? Speaking of social media, it is of course an indispensable way to reach college students. For employers with a social media strategy, video interviewing syncs right in with the plan, allowing recruiters to socialize job openings and engage students with their hiring process by inviting them into an on-demand video interview. For employers who want to start using social media for recruiting but don’t know where to begin, video interviewing offers a strong yet simple, easy-to-manage start.
See video interviewing demonstrated live or online

If you or your colleagues will be in Chicago next week at NACE, we hope you’ll take a few minutes to stop by booth #1121 and learn more about this game-changing HCM technology. There is nothing more exciting for us than helping TA professionals transform their hiring process to be more candidate-friendly and higher performing. Or, contact us today – we are more than happy to walk through a brief, online demonstration with you.