NACE Conference Intelligence: Recruiting Generation Z

Just when you’ve tweaked your hiring process in response to the wants and needs of Millennials, it’s time to prepare and shift again for their successors, Gen Z. That was one of the major themes at the NACE Conference I recently attended. From what I learned, recruiters will need to adjust if they want to continue their track record of performance with candidates just now entering the workforce. In this changed new world, video interviewing providers will meet the needs of Gen Z students as well as university career services departments and campus recruiters.

Recruiters, are you ready to hire Gen Z? Purpose-built video interviewing gives you an edge.

What’s Different About Gen Z?

If you’ve recruited or worked with many millennials, you may have noticed some differences between younger and older candidates or employees. According to those who’ve studied the generations, post-millennials (born after 1996) are just as unique. In some ways, they’re even opposite of today’s 20- and 30-somethings. Gen Z, also called iGen or Gen2020, is the first generation to grow up entirely with smartphones -not just mobile phones – and to use Chromebooks for a majority of their schoolwork. They’re also the first generation who will be invited to video interview as a standard hiring practice.

Sparks & Honey, a communications agency dedicated to cultural relevance, offers some key insights into Gen Z as the next majority in the workforce. From their Gen Z slideshare:

  • They are entrepreneurial. 72% want to start a business someday, and indeed, 70% of teens are doing that already by creating their own opportunities for income. 61% of GenZers want to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee. They are ready to work for their success, as opposed to millennials, who want to be discovered.
  • They are visual communicators, used to videos, images, symbols and speed in getting their point across. Where millennials are using two screens at once, Gen Zers are using five.
  • They are collaborators, in the habit of co-creating with friends virtually across the globe. With the use of individual laptop computers and other tech at school, they are also assigned to partner/group projects with increasing regularity. As a result, Gen Z takes team orientation to a new level.
Reaching Gen Z with Video

Campus recruiters will be able to check many of the boxes for Gen Z candidates with purpose-built online interviewing software. A solution like Modern Hire offers:

  • SMS text capabilities. Modern Hire’s SMS text messaging allows recruiters to quickly advertise their open positions and put the power to apply directly in a candidate’s hands – no appointment needed.
  • Engagement via social media. With Modern Hire’s application, recruiters can use social media channels to market open positions and invite candidates into a quick on-demand video interview.
  • A view into company culture and the work environment. Gen Zers expect to know a lot about a potential employer before they commit to a job offer. Live video interviews and the Modern Hire Foyer enable candidates to get an in-depth sense of a potential employment experience.

Though many Modern Hire clients engage with us specifically for campus recruiting, many more expand their initial use of video interviewing to their campus hiring function. Video interviewing helps campus recruiters compete for top students’ attention and reach out to students where they already spend their time – online.

Partnering with Students and their Schools

The next generation of students will encounter video interviewing as they explore job opportunities. Modern Hire offers tips and resources to help anyone get comfortable with various forms of video interviewing. University and college career centers can also take advantage of Modern Hire’s resources to help their students prepare for video interviewing.

To learn more about ways video interviewing could transform your college recruiting and help you prepare for Gen Z, contact us for a live demonstration today.


A Senior Account Development Consultant at Modern Hire, Jenny Schindler has a passion for solving the pains and challenges faced every day in the world of talent acquisition. As a true consultant in the space, she loves being a resource to those who are looking for a hiring advantage. Modern Hire’s purpose-built voice and video interviewing technology is transforming the hiring experience for people and companies all over the globe, and Jenny teaches how and why that is occurring today. Please reach out to her at, 262-912-6581 and follow her on @JennyKSchindler.