Recruiting for Gen Z Candidates and Their Strengths #NACE2019

What recruiting strategies are most effective for engaging Gen Z? There was a lot of buzz on this topic at the #NACE2019 Conference & Expo, where college recruiters and university career services professionals met to talk and learn about the student-to-candidate transition. It’s clear that employers will need to adjust their hiring process and experience if they want to continue their track record of hiring candidates just now entering the workforce.

Gen Z isn’t just a younger version of the millennials. In many ways, they are the generation best prepared to meet employers’ digital age workforce needs. Their comfort and proficiency with technology means college recruiting is about to get faster, more streamlined, and even more technology-driven.

Ultimate Guide to Campus Recruiting

What’s Does Gen Z Bring to the Table?

If you’ve recruited or worked with many millennials, you may have noticed some differences between younger and older candidates or employees. According to those who’ve studied the generations, post-millennials (born after 1996) are just as unique. In some ways, they’re even opposite of today’s 20- and 30-somethings. Gen Z, also called iGen or Gen2020, is the first generation to grow up entirely with smartphones – not just mobile phones – and to use Chromebooks for a majority of their schoolwork. They’re also the first generation who will be invited to video interview as a standard hiring practice.

What are some of their strengths?
  • 52% are very confident in their technology skills in the workplace, even more so than their non-tech skills. More than three quarters say they’re willing to mentor others in technology on the job.
  • They’re prepared to take initiative. Nearly two-thirds (61%) Gen Z high school students say they want to be an entrepreneur rather than an employee.
  • They are collaborators, in the habit of co-creating with friends virtually across the globe. With the use of individual laptop computers and other tech at school, they are also assigned to partner/group projects with increasing regularity. As a result, Gen Z takes team orientation to a new level.
  • They are visual communicators, used to videos, images, symbols and speed in getting their point across. Where millennials are using two screens at once, Gen Zers are using five.
Reaching Gen Z with an Interviewing Solution

Campus recruiters will be able to check many of the boxes for Gen Z candidates with an AI-enabled interviewing platform. A solution like Modern Hire offers:

Text recruiting. Modern Hire’s platform supports text at scale across the entire hiring workflow, so recruiters can put the power to text interview directly in a candidate’s hands – no appointment needed. They can also stay in closer communication efficiently as candidates advance.

Automated scheduling. Recruiters give candidates more control over the hiring process by inviting candidates to self-schedule online.

Engagement via social media. With Modern Hire’s platform, recruiters can use social media channels to market open positions and invite candidates into a quick on-demand video or voice interview.

Stronger brand connection. Gen Zers expect to know a lot about a potential employer before they commit to a job offer. With Modern Hire, college recruiters can use integrated video at every step in the hiring process to help young candidates understand what it’s like to work at their organization and create emotional connection and buy-in. Candidates to get a better sense of a potential employment experience.

Though many Modern Hire clients engage with us specifically for campus recruiting, many more expand their initial use of interviewing to their campus hiring function. An integrated interviewing solution like Modern Hire helps campus recruiters compete for top student’ attention and reach out to students where they already spend their time – online.

Transform Your College Hiring Experience

The next generation of students expects a fast, simple, online experience as they explore job opportunities. To learn more about ways an integrated interviewing solution could help you engage Gen Z candidates faster and hire smarter, download our Ultimate Guide to Campus Recruiting today.