Montage Repeats with Top Workplace Award in 2017

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May 01, 2017

Montage is proud to announce we’ve earned a Top Workplace award for the second year in a row. Each year the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel surveys tens of thousands of employees in order to compile the most authentic list of top places to work in the southeast Wisconsin region. What makes this award so sweet is that our own employees have again validated what we promise talented candidates: A strong and unique culture that encourages and supports all employees in their personal growth and development.

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Employees Affirm Their Engagement

As in 2016, 82% of Montage employees responded to the award survey, a number well above the industry standard and a reflection of the broad engagement across our organization. According to our employees, Montage exceeds the benchmark in the Enterprise Software category in these areas:

  • I feel well informed about important decisions at Montage. (36% above industry benchmark)
  • There is not a lot of negativity at my workplace. (17% above industry benchmark)
  • At Montage, we do things effectively and well. (16% above industry benchmark)

Montage’s Culture is Sought and Appreciated

Montage is headquartered in the heart of a small town about 30 miles west of Milwaukee. While the city’s walkability, artisan restaurants and proximity to I-94 are all a bonus, our culture here at Montage is a vital part of attracting and keeping our high-performing talent. Unlike larger corporations which sometimes box employees in, at Montage there are so many opportunities for employees to step into different roles and expand their horizons.

In our own internal engagement survey, employees commented on many aspects of the Montage culture that they appreciate:

“The amount of personal growth I’ve already seen in myself [is what I like about my company.] I work with fun, hardworking people. I feel like we are all working towards a common goal, and are excited about where Montage is heading.”

“My manager is a great leader and knows how to motivate me.”

“Employees are highly valued and their opinions are encouraged and well-received. There is a teamwork-oriented attitude and sharing of information that does not exist at many companies.”

“The leadership team is driving the company forward and looking at long-term success rather than short-term results.”

The Future Looks Bright

I’ve been with Montage just over a year, and as Lead Recruiter, this is a wonderful way to celebrate a work anniversary. My role has been very cross-functional, with great collaboration across the board. I’ve had strong support from company leaders, too, in new ideas I’ve brought to the table for improvement.

As Montage continues to grow, we’re paying careful attention to maintaining and cultivating the same strong culture of the early years – that’s key to our employees’ engagement and satisfaction with work. Our focus is on respect, teamwork and hard work, but we also have a lot of fun together too. The 2017 Top Workplaces award represents something special about Montage, and gives us another incentive to preserve our winning culture as the basis for our success in the future.

Amanda Weber is Lead Recruiter for Montage, working closely with candidates interested in joining a 2017 Top Workplace. She leverages her HR background and extensive RPO and corporate recruiting experience to elevate talent acquisition at work and via blogs. Follow Amanda: @amandaweber723 or reach her at