Modern Hire’s Ethical AI Position Recognized on RecTech Podcast

December 31, 2019

Modern Hire

Modern Hire’s Ethical AI Position received recognition on the RecTech Podcast with host Chris Russell.

In the episode titled “AI in the Recruitment Process with Yves Lemursi from Checkster,” Russel and Lemursi discuss a pending lawsuit against a Utah based pre-employment assessment and interviewing software company. The filing alleges the misuse of facial recognition technology.

Russel spoke about Modern Hire’s Ethical AI Position and how companies should be thinking about AI when it comes to evaluating candidates.

He said “Modern Hire just released an AI code of ethics for their candidates promising them to […] evaluate the information only that the candidate knowingly provides to the company, that they will provide them feedback whenever permitted by the clients, they will disclose to the candidate how their data is being evaluated and used, for example, which I think is interesting. So, it does seem like any company that is using AI to evaluate and hire candidates; they’re going to have to really look at this carefully.”

Other topics discussed on the podcast include:

  • What are some sample types of insights you provide about potential candidates?
  • How does the old standard of using only one method of assessing candidates fall short?What are the shortcomings of using only one approach?
  • Could the use of AI as it exists today replace the human aspect of assessing a candidate?

You can listen to the podcast here.

Learn more about Modern Hire’s Ethical AI Position here.