Modern Hire Wins TekTonic Award for SMS Text Messaging

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At Modern Hire, we’re continually looking to help recruiters balance efficiency with a superior candidate experience. The challenges of high-volume hiring sparked a Modern Hire innovation that’s proven popular with recruiters and candidates alike – our SMS text messaging. It also earned us our second TekTonic Award. At this week’s HRO Today Forum in Chicago, Modern Hire received the 2016 TekTonic
Award for Talent Management in recognition of innovative product development which embodies disruptive technology. We were also a finalist for our live voice interviewing application.

Who Doesn’t Text?

One of the most powerful aspects of our SMS text messaging is that it builds on what the average person does hundreds of times each day. I mean, who doesn’t text? Modern Hire SMS text messaging enables candidates to self-start the hiring process from their mobile phone. It doesn’t even need to be a smart phone! When candidates see an intriguing position listed on a careers site, a “Now Hiring” sign, or even a roadside billboard, they can take immediate action by texting the dedicated number listed. They receive a text response from the Modern Hire application, and text back the answers as prompted by the system. When given the option, the candidate can text “begin,” at which point they receive a phone call beginning their on-demand voice interview. Recruiters record the questions verbally; candidates’ responses are recorded verbally too.

With our SMS text messaging, candidates can get into the hiring process the moment they see the job posting. They don’t need to remember to take action later, spend an hour filling out an online application or take time off work to interview. They can start and finish the entire process within minutes using the device already in hand. This is one of the critical differences about our solution, and a reason we were honored with the TekTonic award.

Putting Texting to Work for Better Hiring

Modern Hire’s SMS text messaging meets two challenges faced by so many recruiters: High-volume hiring demands, and the need to reach across all demographics to successfully source the skills to fill openings. With our SMS text messaging, recruiters can quickly advertise their open positions and put the power to apply directly in a candidate’s hands. Our technology transforms what recruiters can accomplish each day:

  • Modern Hire’s social network integration makes it easy to promote and share open positions and the dedicated number, easily extending the recruiter’s candidate reach.
  • By giving candidates the ability to take immediate action, recruiters engage more candidates in a shorter period of time.
  • By automating screening, recruiters can interact with a smaller group of pre-qualified individuals.They increase their efficiency and save a significant amount of time.
  • Recruiters gain an immediate sense of a candidate’s verbal communication skills, professionalism and more. When a recruiter comes across a candidate who isn’t a fit, they can immediately move on -there’s no need to review the entire interview. Top candidates can be shared with key stakeholders easily and efficiently by simply forwarding a link containing the completed interview.
  • Recruiters start receiving completed interviews quickly and can elevate top candidates to hiring managers instantly, so the hiring process gets off to the best possible start.

Modern Hire clients have found many ways to elevate their hiring process using our SMS texting capabilities. One company hands out small cards with open jobs and the dedicated text number at career fairs. Another uses our SMS texting in Spanish to reach a new talent pool. Everyone finds it’s a high-tech solution that’s easily accessible.

To learn more, we invite you to experience a live demo today.


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