Modern Hire Releases New Features to Automated Interview Scoring

Dec 07, 2021
Woman at computer with papers

Modern Hire continues to break new ground in advanced hiring technology and AI-enabled interviewing with the rollout of its latest upgrade of Automated Interview Scoring (AIS).

The new features solve today’s biggest hiring challenges: getting candidates through the process quickly and consistently while mitigating bias and ensuring best-fit outcomes.

With the latest enhancements of AIS, hiring teams get a cutting-edge package of industry- and job-specific verified Question Sets and AI-generated rankings for candidate answers, reducing bias and making hiring teams more efficient, effective, and ethical.

Automated Interview Scoring methodology is rigorous and time-tested and is not the simple, brute force AI used elsewhere in the industry.

Modern Hire’s team of professionally trained experts have rated tens of thousands of candidate responses against job-relevant competencies known to predict success on the job. Natural language processing (NLP) and deep learning are used to reliably and automatically rate and rank candidates in an interpretable, valid, and fair manner. In fact, candidate scores generated using Automated Interview Scoring show vastly less evidence of bias than trained human rater scores.

With these latest enhancements to AIS, hiring teams can access question sets developed for the following job families across entry-level, experienced and managerial roles:

  • Banking/Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Call Center
  • Professional Sales

Candidate replies are automatically scored and candidates are ranked according to their interview scores, lessening the burden on hiring teams and balancing the criteria by which candidates are measured.

The evolution of Automated Interview Scoring amplifies Modern Hire’s leadership in science-based hiring tools, from screening, scheduling, and interviewing, to sophisticated candidate assessments founded on CognitIOn, the company’s proprietary engine for ethical selection science.

Hundreds of leading brands and more than half of the Fortune 100 trust Modern Hire for seriously better hiring. See why by scheduling a demo with Modern Hire today.