Our New Approach to Training Makes the News

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Modern Hire

Modern Hire’s new approach to training made the news recently in an online story at Small Business Trends. We introduced our new training format at the end of February, shifting from 90-minute sessions to shorter, more digestible sessions. The new format makes it easier for recruiters to retain the knowledge learned and to see ways they can utilize our video and voice interviewing technology to solve their specific, every-day challenges.

What about Modern Hire caught the editor’s eye? Two things, I think. First, we stand out from other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies because we use our own platform to deliver the training. For our clients, this translates into extra experience with their new video interviewing technology just by participating in training. Second, our training is about more than just features and functions. We integrate best practices in recruiting and video interviewing right into our training, so our clients quickly learn to optimize their use of Modern Hire’s platform in their everyday work.

As Modern Hire’s Senior Lead Trainer, I field many of the common questions about our new training approach:

Q. What is the new format of the training?

A. Our users still participate in live, online classroom learning, but we’ve segmented the topics into 30-minute sessions rather than a single 90-minute session. Ninety minutes is a lot of time to take out of a recruiter’s day! With the segmented sessions, it’s easier for recruiters to find time to train, and they can choose the topic or topics they are most interested in learning about.

Q. So the training is mainly for new users?

A. New users do make up the majority of those participating. However, we also find long-time clients pop in for a refresher or to learn about some of our more advanced features. Our goal for every participant is that they walk away knowing how to get the best hiring results using Modern Hire’s technology.

Q. Have you expanded the topics covered in the training?

A. Yes! As our platform evolves, we’ve added advanced features like candidate self-scheduling, and reviewing and scoring. With our new approach, we’ve expanded the training content around these features. The intermediate and advanced sessions also focus on the key reasons clients use video interviewing, such as high volume hiring, engaging candidates, and brand elevation.

Q. Which sessions are the most popular?

A. We expect many clients will take the session on candidate experience since they get to see our video interviewing solution through the candidate’s eyes. We also introduced a session called “About Modern Hire.” Clients sometimes direct their employees to our training without giving them the backstory about Modern Hire and the partnership we’ve formed with their organization. In this training segment, we talk about video interviewing more broadly, and some of the reasons why their TA team chose Modern Hire. We’ve had a lot of good verbal feedback on it.

Q. Modern Hire has expanded the number of training sessions available each week?

A. Yes, we want to ensure users can get the training they need when they need it. We also created an online registration page with a Google calendar and descriptions of the sessions. Users can choose their training sessions and schedule at their convenience.

Q. Can users still get their questions answered outside of the training sessions?

A. Absolutely. Modern Hire’s support team is available and ready 24/7 to answer questions. Also, twice a month we offer drop-in, hands-on sessions. It’s like office hours in school – clients can pop in online and get one-on-one help. They can stay for the whole time to see what other users are asking about, or just get their specific questions answered.

Q. Modern Hire’s Learning Center offers a lot of training videos. Will any of this training be posted to the Center?

A. Definitely. We are about to roll out our SMILE (Self-Managed Interactive Learning Experience) modules, which are short videos covering the same content as the live sessions. This way, users can access training at any time. We think it will also be an attractive option for new users who want to be up and running on our video interviewing software immediately without joining a live session.

Training = Adoption

Many of our clients say they choose Modern Hire because of our ability to drive adoption and make their use of purpose-built video interviewing a success. Our training program is a big part of our ability to do this. As partners in our clients’ hiring efforts, we take every step we can to ensure our video interviewing solution is widely adopted and used for maximum results within their organizations.

To learn more about Modern Hire, request a demo today. If you are a current Modern Hire client, please access our training page here.


As Senior Lead Trainer, Megan helps clients understand ways to transform their hiring process using Modern Hire’s video and voice interviewing solution. She brings a unique and valuable perspective to user training, having used Modern Hire’s platform as a client in two prior roles. Known for going above and beyond clients’ expectations, Megan has focused her career on the HCM space for nearly 10 years. .