HireVue announces acquisition of Modern Hire

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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Modern Hire Is Helping You Get Back To Work

Our hearts go out to those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic impact, and we understand that business and hiring needs are currently undergoing significant shifts. With more than three decades of combined experience working with leading global brands to modernize their virtual interviewing and hiring processes and reviewing tens of millions of candidate interactions, we know that the best candidates are the ones you have the least amount of time to act on before others reach and engage them.

Companies are facing an expanding set of challenges. Many businesses face taking their offline (face-to-face) hiring process online and a need to stand up a new virtual hiring solution immediately. In addition to the digital transformation of their talent acquisition process, companies also have to contend with an exponential increase in applicants, as a result of the growing unemployment rate. Whether businesses suddenly need to fill a large number of open positions, like grocers and healthcare organizations or sort through 10 times the number of applicants to fill a few key roles, one thing is clear — organizations need to move fast. As a result, Modern Hire has expedited the development and release of six customizable Hiring Blueprint workflows for over 50 critical job roles in industries including hospitality, delivery, logistics, retail, and healthcare.

 Our new Blueprints are the key to hiring success. They offer a repeatable, proven method to evaluate and hire qualified candidates at scale. While speed is of the essence, these Blueprints ensure talent acquisition teams efficiently attract and retain the right talent while providing an enhanced candidate experience.

 The Blueprint workflow includes multiple stages, each with job-relevant content, questions, and review information that is scientifically proven to be valid, that is, the measurement experiences are job-related, and predictive of fit for the role, performance, and quality.

 Highlights include:

  • Hyper-relevant job processes for over 50 roles that can be customized to address specific hiring needs and pain points
  • Multiple mediums of interviewing technology allowing hiring teams to deliver and automate relevant content and communications to candidates in a personalized fashion
  • A fast track for qualified candidates through the integrated use of interviewing technology and pre-hire assessments
  • Ability to ensure a mutual fit and two-way hiring process through a positive candidate experience that’s tailored with realistic job previews, two-way content, and communications

Our new Hiring Blueprints reinforce our ongoing commitment to helping companies hire quality talent, and as we all navigate the current crisis as a community, they will help the country get back to work.