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Modern Hire Earns Bronze in 2021 Stevie Awards for Great Employers

We’re so pleased to be recognized as the 2021 Bronze Stevie® Award winner for Talent Acquisition & Retention Solution Provider of the Year. The Stevies are the world’s premier business awards. Each year, they attract more than 12,000 nominations from organizations in more than 70 nations.

 CognitIOn sets Modern Hire clients apart

The 2021 Stevies were selected based on 2020 achievements. One of Modern Hire’s primary innovations this past year was the introduction of CognitIOn by Modern Hire™. CognitIOn is industry-leading science that encompasses our capabilities and expertise in data science, predictive analytics, AI, and I-O psychology.

CognitIOn is powered by data gathered from tens of millions of candidate interactions each year; the practical application of AI and other advanced analytic techniques; almost two decades of meticulous, data-driven client research and practice; and award-winning client work. By combining comprehensive expertise in I-O psychology, talent selection science, diversity and fairness, candidate experience, ethical AI, data science, advanced analytics, and employment law, CognitIOn empowers Modern Hire’s enterprise clients to make more ethical, efficient, and effective hiring decisions. Compared to competing technology, no other platform is backed by the science, research, and trained I/O psychologists like Modern Hire is.

Modern Hire annually performs more than 400 audits of our algorithms and technology, many of which have been documented in rigorous technical reports. In addition, we conduct routine and continual audits of our systems to ensure both fairness and predictive validity in all product innovations. We believe that systems that help make decisions about people must be held to the highest standards of ethics and transparency. For this reason, we’ve built the Modern Hire platform to enable easy and continual monitoring of candidate data.

Modern Hire continually innovates

Over the past year, Modern Hire has also introduced several new product innovations:

  • Hiring Blueprints: Six customizable workflows for over 50 critical job roles in various industries, including telehealth, hospitality, delivery, logistics, retail, and healthcare. 
  • Automated Interview Scoring (AIS): An on-demand video interview feature that uses AI to evaluate candidate responses and provide interviewers with recommended scores, ensuring a more fair, unbiased, and complete hiring experience. Modern Hire Automated Interview Scoring has been proven to be three times less biased than human interview scorers.
  • Realistic Job Preview, New Manager and Recruiter Review Experience, and Stage Level Email Templates: Enhancing the experience of everyone involved in the hiring process, enabling quick and easy customization to the hiring experience, and introducing a new level of configurability.
  • Career Stability Assessments: Applying powerful science and predictive analytics to the hiring process where it was previously not possible –– in text-based interviews –– to predict turnover better.

With so many hiring technology providers in the market, it can be challenging for organizations to choose a software that puts the candidates first and provides a fair experience. Modern Hire makes the process easy by offering the most ethical and transparent technology on the market. Nearly half of the Fortune 100 trust Modern Hire as the deepest, broadest talent intelligence available to hire the most diverse, engaged, and qualified workforce.

To learn more about Modern Hire’s award-winning platform, request a personal demo today.