3 Steps To Achieving Mobile-Friendly Talent Acquisition

Mobile-friendly talent acquisition makes it easy for job seekers to connect with potential employers in a way they are comfortable. Meeting candidates where they are – on mobile devices – is fast becoming a minimum requirement just to be on the field in the war for talent.

Keeping up with new recruiting technology is a challenge for many TA teams. Mobile recruiting is no different. In fact, it’s already been five years since Modern Hire launched the world’s first mobile live video interviewing app, yet Jobvite’s Recruiter Nation survey found that 55% of companies are missing one of the basics – a mobile-optimized career website.

What Does Mobile -Friendly Talent Acquisition Really Mean?

It’s easy to define mobile recruiting by focusing on the tech. Your careers website, your job postings and even your application process can be made accessible by mobile device. However, underlying new patterns in candidates’ use of technology is perhaps a more significant shift in expectations. Mobile is changing how and when job seekers expect to communicate with potential employers. Mobile means new expectations for the candidate experience. And, it isn’t just those in the 18- to 34-year range; most of us prefer technology that simplifies things, including the search for a new employer.

What to Do

It’s clear that job seekers’ expectations are outpacing many companies’ ability be mobile-first with their hiring process. Five years ago, organizations could afford to take a wait-and-see approach with mobile recruiting. Today, with millennials growing to be the largest segment of the U.S. workforce, that’s no longer true.

Here are three steps you can take along your path to more mobile-friendly talent acquisition:

  1. Look for easy wins

    Becoming mobile-first in hiring doesn’t happen overnight. While you work on the bigger picture, explore and implement small changes in your hiring process that will bring it into closer alignment with candidates’ expectations for an easy, fast and responsive experience.

  2. Consider cloud technologies that make several phases in hiring mobile

    Purpose-built video and voice interviewing is a strong example of technology which brings mobile to many stages of the hiring life cycle, from sourcing and screening to interviewing and onboarding. In addition to mobile access, it also helps companies attract higher-quality candidates through social sharing and SMS-text reach. At Modern Hire, more than 40% of our clients’ candidates connect via our mobile solution.

  3. Allocate for mobile-friendly talent acquisition in your budget

    Set aside resources so you can get serious about mobile recruiting in your organization. No matter what route you choose to go with mobile, whether it’s a simple website refresh and optimization, bringing video and voice interviewing onboard, or a complete overhaul of your hiring process, you’ll need a budget and a plan to do it well.