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You Scored Level 3 – Benchmarks and Normative Analytics

Your responses indicate that your organization is likely at Level 3 of the Talent Analytics Maturity Model. This level includes norms and benchmarks, which provides a lot of additional value!

Characteristics of Level 3
  • At Level 3, organizations have achieved a level of reporting that includes the ability to compare subgroups within the organization, as well as possibly with external organizations through normative data. The ability to compare and contrast helps to identify strengths and deficiencies, and to make informed decisions.
  • How do you get to the next level? Achieving Level 4 often requires both additional and richer sources of data, and especially on the job performance or outcome side. To truly know the relevance and predictive utility of hiring or other human data, you must be able to link that data to outcomes that matter. For this, you will need analysts who can conduct the proper investigative research.
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