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You Scored Level 2 – Coordinated Reporting

Your responses indicate your organization is at Level 2 of the Talent Analytics Maturity Model. You have achieved a level of coordinated reporting and are well positioned to take the next steps!

Characteristics of Level 2
  • Consistent and coordinated access to data across the enterprise.
  • Ability to pull data from different areas into a consolidated reporting engine.
  • User access to summary metrics.
How to Reach Level 3
  • Take stock of the data you have access to and consider additional sources of data. The more you can access and integrate into a central warehouse, the better. As you capture more and more data, you can calculate average levels for different areas within your organization.
  • Consider how you may be able to add external data to help better compare your results with other organizations and the labor market in general. For example, you might pull in external data that shows the percentage of the local labor market that falls into each protected class and use this to calculate your own organization’s variation from these percentages.
  • You can access external data from various sources, and your dashboarding software may have the ability to pull it in as well.
  • Download our guide to receive more guidance on how to get to the next level, fast. You’ll learn how to implement a modern and intelligent hiring platform that utilizes AI and predictive analytics to improve your hiring outcomes.
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