Manage for Innovation within Your Recruiting Team

We ask recruiters to wear many hats – administrator, salesperson, recruitment marketer, project manager and more. So, is it unrealistic to ask them to be innovators too? As the daily front line for your talent acquisition, they’re in an excellent spot to see when and why something’s not working, be it a workflow, a recruitment marketing message, or an entire program not living up to its potential. They’re well-positioned to suggest effective solutions, too. Here’s how to inspire and manage for innovation in your team without making it feel like you’re piling on more.

Lead the way

Schedule regular brainstorming sessions where your whole team comes together to talk. Whiteboard and prioritize pain points, then focus on coming up with solutions to manage for innovation. Asking for the perspectives of team members with a range of skills and experiences can fuel your discussion.

Get your team into the feedback habit

Your candidates, new hires and hiring managers can all be sources of innovation for your recruiting team, whether they’re simply identifying pain points or suggesting ways to improve their experience with you. Building systematic feedback opportunities can help you tap into these sources.

You can also encourage your team to get in the habit of asking for feedback in verbal or email conversations. They may just catch a candidate or hiring manager when they have something on their mind. People appreciate being asked for their input, and the personal interaction may encourage them to more freely share it.

Use technology to make room for personal creativity

Last year my child’s middle school implemented an ‘enrichment period’ modeled after Google’s famous (and infamous) 20% rule. The concept behind both is to devote time regularly at work or school to creative thinking. Easier said than done? Absolutely, until recruiting automation came along.

Automated scheduling, auto advancement, and text interviewing are just some of the applications you can deploy within an advanced interviewing platform to create recruiting efficiencies and reduce repetitive work. Recruiting automation enables your team to spend more time thinking creatively about new and better workflows, and innovative ways of engaging candidates.

When recruiters have time and access to technology, they do innovate. A TA team at one of our clients saw an opportunity to do just that after they’d started using text interviewing within the Modern Hire platform. Text interviewing was the springboard: With the data they generated about the volume of candidates interested in the different types of positions they needed to fill, they were able to adjust their recruitment marketing to ensure they attracted plenty of candidates for each role to their job fair. It worked so well the team now uses this new best practice all the time.

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