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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Make Every Live Interview More Meaningful

A year ago, nearly every company was using virtual live interviews to hire during the pandemic. Now, predictions are that video interviewing is here to stay. However, if your organization is doing live interviews via Zoom or another conferencing technology, you haven’t yet experienced the power of interviewing with an all-in-one hiring solution. Virtual hiring technology can make every live interview more meaningful and help you deliver higher value to your organization. 

Modernize with live interview technology
Real-time connection with candidates is essential, but many obstacles get in the way of live interviews onsite – safety protocols during the pandemic, geography, lack of time, and more. Modern recruiters are using live interviewing capabilities integrated into a science-based hiring platform like Modern Hire to enhance the face-to-face connection with candidates in virtual live interviews and create personal hiring experiences.

In hiring workflows where the live interview happens after screening and assessments, AI-enabled hiring platforms can help interviewers with interview guides correlated to the previous steps. They can also offer candidate-specific questions related to information candidates have already provided at early stages. As a result, interviewers are better-prepared, and candidates don’t have to answer the same questions repeatedly. It’s a more personal interview experience for everyone. 

Modern Hire’s Hiring Blueprints enhance this even further with ready-to-go hiring templates that are job- and industry-specific. Each Hiring Blueprint recommends when and how to integrate live interviews in the workflow based on nearly two decades of research and practice, more than 400 client validation studies, and data from billions of candidate interactions. They also offer dynamically generated, job-specific behavioral, follow-up, and competency-based questions. When recruiters need to fast-track hiring, they can deploy these workflows immediately with confidence that they’re using live video or phone interviewing for maximum value.  

End-to-end interview management
Virtual hiring platforms offer tools that improve the efficiency of live interview management from start to finish and create simple, fast, and convenient experiences for candidates. Automated interview scheduling is one example. Recruiters can offer candidates the self-scheduling option or use an AI-powered recruiting assistant to get a live interview on everyone’s calendar. Automated interview scheduling also sends reminders to candidates and hiring managers and handles interview cancellations and rescheduling. Interview recording is another tool. Virtual hiring platforms can record live video and voice-only interviews and make those recordings easy to share with the entire hiring team.

Improving fairness in live interviews
“Important but less than perfect.” That’s how most hiring managers regard live interviews, especially in terms of assessing candidates’ soft skills and understanding their weaknesses. And of course, human bias can enter the hiring process during live interviews. Virtual hiring platforms help hiring teams shore up fairness in interviews with consistent questions and structured rating scales to guide follow-up questions and promote consistent candidate evaluation.

Improving the collaborative hiring process and results
Using virtual hiring technology for live interviews accommodates virtual teams and panel interviews. Hiring teams can rely on it to help them prepare for live interviews and support process consistency every time, no matter the size or make-up of the interview team. Better collaboration at the front end and sharing recorded live interviews can also result in fewer callbacks for candidates. Hiring stakeholders can also use the platform to meet after live interviews for real-time discussion on candidate selection and hiring decisions.

Live interviews that couldn’t be more convenient
Last but certainly not least, there is the convenience factor. Virtual video and voice-only live interviews are more expedient and more efficient for candidates and hiring teams since they can participate from any location on any smartphone, mobile device, or PC. This increased convenience also makes it smart for recruiters to use streamlined, real-time interviews sooner in the hiring process with less time required.

Virtual hiring platforms really do offer a better way to manage live interviews.
The live interview experience is faster, simpler, flexible, and more personal for candidates. Recruiting teams can increase collaboration and data flow in their process and improve hiring cycle speed. They’re also prepared to respond quickly and effectively to volatility in the hiring environment. Conferencing tools offer a live connection with candidates, but the hiring team can provide candidates with so much more when they connect on a virtual hiring platform.

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