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Candidates: Are you interviewing and need support?

Let Your Candidates Be At Their Best

COVID-19 has created opportunities for a fresh start for talent acquisition teams like we’ve never seen before. For many companies, re-opening after quarantine means filling not just a few positions here and there but hiring an entire workforce. Large enterprises are faced with hiring a whole range of jobs for multiple locations. Post-pandemic hiring is a chance to find best-fit workers who are genuinely invested in your mission and values – the kind of agile employees who could help you maintain business continuity in the face of an uncertain future.

But, with 33+ million jobs lost, the job market is flooded with candidates. Taking advantage of this fresh-start opportunity means an acute focus on identifying and hiring the right talent. Putting candidate experience at the center of talent attraction and hiring has never been more critical.

With the perfect storm of hiring challenges – a flood of candidates, immense time pressure to re-open, and high-volume hiring, having a platform like Modern Hire, which makes hiring experiences personal for today’s modern candidate, is the solution.

Creating value for candidates in the hiring process

In the new normal, TA leaders need to let candidates be at their best for top hiring outcomes over the long term.  Modern Hire research shows that candidates drop out of hiring processes that don’t provide them with value. They do appreciate experiences that allow them to better understand the job and organization and how they might fit in and contribute. Modern Hire’s all-in-one platform creates that personal, two-way process for candidates using pre-hire assessments, predictive analytics, AI, and automated workflows to improve hiring outcomes in every hiring scenario.

Hiring technology that lets TA teams be candidate-centric

Delivering an immersive experience. With Modern Hire’s Virtual Job Tryouts, TA teams can provide an immersive, candidate-centric hiring experience to all candidates. These industry-leading assessments make it easy for candidates to find job opportunities that best suit their skills, experience, and abilities. Virtual Job Tryouts inform and educate candidates, providing essential value in the hiring process. At the same time, the Tryouts enable recruiters to be more efficient and effective in making great hires.

Keeping candidates informed. The Modern Hire platform enables recruiters to keep candidates informed to enhance candidate engagement and reduce the dropout rate. The platform makes it easy for candidates to connect with TA teams through communication channels they use daily in other aspects of their lives, including text, chat, voice, and video.

Creating opportunities for feedback. Creating feedback opportunities at scale has been challenging for many TA teams. The Modern Hire platform solves it with feedback opportunities built into Virtual Job Tryouts. Also, every candidate who interacts with the Modern Hire platform can take a survey about their experience. According to that data:

  • 98% of candidates say that by using our technology, they see the employer as more innovative and forward-thinking
  • 97% say they felt they were better able to represent themselves as the right candidate.

Every opportunity candidates gain through hiring technology to showcase their skills and communicate with potential employers is a win for both candidates and TA teams.

Transforming your candidate experience

As our clients have found time and again, delivering personal, engaging hiring experiences with Modern Hire technology leads to significant ROI. When Bank of America redesigned its assessment process for specific jobs to enhance candidates’ understanding of the roles, its TA team improved new hire performance and retention, leading to $6.8 million in cost savings for the organization.

At SSM Health, Modern Hire’s platform was a crucial element in transforming the candidate experience. “When we started looking at Modern Hire, it was clear it could help us keep our candidate promises. Especially in the areas of being fast and accessible, and making sure the hiring process is informative and fair,” says Becki Feldmann, System Leader of Candidate & Employee Experience at SSM Health. As she notes, while TA teams can’t hire every candidate, they can deliver an exceptional hiring experience to all candidates.