Case Studies


Modern Hire

Lendlease is a leading international company with operations in Australia, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Lendlease works with communities, clients and colleagues to create positive legacies from funding a project right through to developing and constructing state of the art buildings and infrastructure, including hospitals, roads and bridges.  They also create vibrant residential communities, productive workplaces and retail destinations.

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia and regional head offices in New York, Singapore and London, Lendlease has approximately 12,000 employees internationally. Lendlease has secured major urban regeneration projects such as: Barangaroo South, Darling Square, Victoria Harbour and Brisbane Showgrounds in Australia; Elephant & Castle and International Quarter London in the United Kingdom; Paya Lebar Quarter and Tun Razak Exchange in Asia; and Riverline in the United States.

Recruitment Context

Lendlease began using online video interviewing for their graduate recruitment in early 2016. With a completion rate of 86%, seven points above the Sonru system average completion rate of 79%, and buy-in from both candidates and the team, Lendlease are committed to video interviewing.

Key Benefits

Three Times Faster

“Before we used Sonru we were doing phone interviews for about half an hour. Sonru has helped us streamline the process – we can now screen three candidates in the place of one phone interview. For us that saves a lot resources, a lot of timing and all in all, provided some structure as well.” – Melissa Ke, Graduate Recruitment Consultant 


“Using Sonru has definitely helped push Lendlease’s image into more of an innovative type company. We have recruited graduates in the past and used the same process time after time. Since having used Sonru, we’ve been able to highlight to the candidates that we are moving with the industry, that we are adapting to new technology.” – Melissa Ke, Graduate Recruitment Consultant 

Brings Résumés to Life

“When we are looking for the best people at Lendlease we’re looking for the right fit. Being able to see candidates complete their video interview has allowed us to see them showcase their personality, their attributes, their skills and experience so it has made a huge difference.” – Melissa Ke, Graduate Recruitment Consultant 


Feedback has been solicited from all candidates that have come through the video interviewing process and according to Melissa Ke, “they [the candidates] have actually really enjoyed it so for us being able to take the candidates through a more personalised experience means a better candidate experience as well from their end.”

“I would definitely recommend Sonru for other companies, we are now rolling this out on an international global scale as well so it’s been able to have a centralised platform and it’s been very easy to be able to use it from that perspective. It saves a lot of time, resource and effort and if you multiply that on a larger scale, it can definitely work wonders.” – Melissa Ke