Latest CandE Research Part III: Video Interviewing

Research into recruiting processes wouldn’t be complete without questions about recruiting tech, and Talent Board doesn’t disappoint. In its latest candidate experience research report Talent Board comments, “Technology continues to play a significant role in helping companies streamline the interview and selection process.” It goes on to reveal that among the 240 employers participating in the research, video interviewing is a Top 5 recruiting tech investment in 2016/2017. And, 67% of these employers already have a video interviewing platform on board with their recruiting tech.


In the first two parts of this blog series on the CandE research, we noted some of the wants, wishes and pain points expressed by employers and candidates in the data. As a video interviewing company dedicated to transforming hiring and providing a great candidate experience, we can’t help but notice that many of their comments align closely with the capabilities of our technology. For instance:

  • Candidates want to be able to put their best foot forward. On-demand and live video interviews enable candidates to do just that. With video, they can make eye contact, express interest and enthusiasm with body language, and capture interviewers’ attention as they tell their story their way. Video facilitates demonstration of job-specific skills too, so candidates can show, not just tell, why they are best qualified for the position. In surveys with candidates who’ve completed a Modern Hire interview, 97% agree the use of our technology allowed them to better represent themselves as the right candidate.
  • Employers are struggling with personalization, communication and efficiency in screening. This is a critical stage in hiring that’s tied to a positive candidate experience, yet many employers are overwhelmed by high-candidate volume. As a screening practice, nothing surpasses the performance of on-demand video interviewing. On-demand automates the screening process so recruiters can accurately evaluate many more candidates in far less time. Built-in branding options enable recruiters to design a high-tech yet high-touch experience for candidates, so they come away feeling respected and valued.
  • Candidates don’t want interview questions that are already on their resume or application. It sounds like a simple wish but when hiring managers have little time to prepare for interviews or the hiring team is large, it’s not a simple request to fulfill. A video interviewing platform that’s purpose-built for hiring can help recruiters get hiring managers up to speed quickly and efficiently, so they can get the most value from their interview and make a better impression on talented candidates.
  • Candidates value simplicity in the hiring process, and video interviewing tech helps TA teams deliver. Purpose-built technology offers candidates the convenience of self-scheduling, and makes it efficient for recruiters to send interview details in advance, so candidates can be prepared. And, by taking travel out of the equation, candidates are free to focus on their upcoming interview rather than worry about logistics.

If you’d like to take your learning about video interviewing’s impact on the candidate experience a step further, download Modern Hire’s research report, Candidate Feedback: The Purpose-Built Video Interviewing Experience. In it more than 25,000 candidates share their opinions about ease of use, insights into a potential employer, their impressions of the employer and more after experiencing Modern Hire for video or voice interviewing.

The entire 2016 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience (CandE) Benchmark Research Report is also available for free download.