Latest CandE Research Part II: What Candidates Want

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Mar 01, 2017

Talent Board may not have a crystal ball for the future of talent acquisition, but it certainly has the next best thing: Data from more than 183,000 candidates on their job search experience. Now into its fifth year of reporting, Talent Board’s CandE awards and benchmarking program is all about helping businesses evaluate and improve their candidate experience. This immense research and evaluation effort has spurred hiring process change in companies worldwide. Modern Hire is proud to be a sponsor.

While job seeker mindset is just one of many drivers of hiring process design, its importance has grown with the emergence of the candidate-driven market. Still, only 31% of candidates said they would reapply, a clear message that for many companies, there’s room for process improvement. We’ve highlighted some of the candidate-centric trends we found most interesting in this year’s report:

  • Candidate experience rating tied to showcasing skills and experience. According to the report, “[Another] differentiator for employers is how they are enabling the ability for candidates to present skills, knowledge, and experience during the application process. The more opportunities the candidates have, the greater their overall satisfaction on a 1-5 Likert scale.”
  • Candidates have three priorities for the interview process. Candidates are clear about their needs: to be prepared ahead of time by receiving pertinent details, to have the opportunity to answer relevant questions, and to receive feedback after the interview.
  • Candidates prefer simplicity. Candidates rated these as priorities: Understanding the questions asked, having an opportunity to share their skills and experience, and most importantly, being able to do these quickly and easily.
  • Candidates do their homework on potential employers. According to this year’s data, 75% of candidates conduct their job search research across multiple channels prior to applying.
Data Reaffirms Business Value of a Positive Hiring Experience

The recent CandE data helps quantify some of the intangibles about the candidate experience, demonstrating that companies which invest in their hiring process can reap rewards beyond a highly talented workforce:

  • 41% of global candidates who gave their job seeker experience just a single star say they will take their alliance, product purchases and relationship elsewhere.
  • 64% say they’ll increase their employer relationships based on the very positive job seeker experiences they’ve had.
  • Candidates share their positive recruiting experiences with their inner circles (friends, family, peers, etc.) over 81% of the time; and via social media (Glassdoor, LinkedIn, etc.) 51% of the time.
  • Candidates share their negative experiences with their inner circle 66% of the time, and via social media 34% of the time.

Talent Board’s latest report offers many more valuable insights about the candidate mindset and ways leading employers are working to improve the hiring process. The entire 2016 Talent Board North American Candidate Experience (CandE) Benchmark Research Report can be downloaded free.

If you missed the first blog in this series featuring the employers’ perspective, be sure to go back and read it – more than 240 North American employers weighed in. And, watch for the final blog on technology and the candidate experience coming within the next few days.