Keep up the Momentum: How to Recruit during the Holidays

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Nov 28, 2016

As we return to work after a long holiday weekend, many talent acquisition professionals might be preparing for a slower season. Although November and December are often slower times for some businesses, it marks the end of the year, making it very busy for others. In talent acquisition, you might think the slow season is upon you and it’s time to sit back and prepare for the new year – but you’re forgetting that the holidays can be the perfect time to recruit. During December, competition lessens in talent acquisition when many organizations and recruiters take time off. So, although you won’t be experiencing high-volume hiring, you can still take advantage of the opportunity to squeeze into a tight target market while your competitors aren’t paying attention. In order to keep up the momentum through the rest to of the year, we’ll show you a few tips for how to recruit during the holidays.

How to Recruit During the Holidays

1. Post Jobs with Less Clutter – When you continue to post job openings during the month of December, posting websites are less cluttered because so many organizations take time off. Although job search traffic is lower, the reduced clutter allows the posting to be seen more often than before. If you have an opening, don’t let the reduced web traffic keep you from posting it when you could take advantage of the lull.

2. Schedule Interviews during Easy Months – Because December is a slower month for many businesses and because many people have family obligations, it’s actually easier for some people to get away from work for an interview. Take the opportunity to schedule interviews with prospective candidates during the month of December when it actually may be easier for them, or request a video interview to at least stay connected with them and keep the candidate warm until you can meet with them in person.

3. Interview “Too Busy” Prospects during Holiday Lulls – When work is slow during late December and especially between Christmas and New Years, return to the prospective candidates or passive candidates who were “too busy” to talk to you before. Assuming they are not on vacation, they probably have a lot more time to speak with you during holiday lulls. Again, offer a live video interview as an alternative to an in-person meeting to sway them to meet with you while work is slow and you may capture the high quality hire you’ve been waiting for.

4. Take Advantage of Reduced Recruiter Workloads – Your own recruiters are probably swamped with work most of the year, preventing them from being as proactive as they want, but even their workloads are reduced during the holidays. You and your talent acquisition team can take advantage of the slow season to proactively reach out to talent, whether active or passive, and focus your energy on higher quality prospects as opposed to other job duties.

5. Consider it a Prime Time for College Recruiting – What many may forget is that a lot of college students graduate at the end of the fall semester, which means December is the perfect time to recruit students to fill entry-level jobs. Plus, it could be the Christmas present they’ve been hoping for! Again, there may be less competition to recruit these graduates because most organizations plan their recruiting programs for the spring.

So, finding how to recruit during the holidays is simple. Don’t let the holidays slow you down! When work is slow, it means there’s an opening in the market other recruiters are missing. Don’t forget you can always utilize recorded video interviews to invite potential candidates to submit recorded interviews on their own time, making it easy for them to participate no matter their holiday schedule. If you use these recruiting tips to take advantage of holiday lulls during December, you’re sure to impress management by proactively capturing new talent just in time for the new year.

Updated on December 5, 2017. Blog originally published by GreenJobInterview on November 28, 2016.