Why Do Job Candidates Prefer In-Person Interviews?

   |    3 minutes read

Apr 11, 2016

Recent research from ManpowerGroup Solutions gets to the root of engaging job seekers with the overarching message “one size does not fit all.” Hey, that’s great reinforcement for why we exist! Here are a few of the research findings for in-person interviews:

  • Candidates would rather be interviewed in person alone with the hiring manager than any other interview construct (phone, video, group).
  • Employers must tailor their interviewing methods and style to the talent profile they wish to reach.
  • More than 35% of candidates want more frequent interaction and more information from the employer during the hiring process
Candidate Centricity

The research is a great summary and reminder of the importance of being candidate-centric. There is no “one way” to cater to all candidates unless you hire for a singular role over and over again. Normally, our clients hire across their organization and vary the hiring workflow, including in-person interviews, because of their understanding of the candidate profile. That’s one of the many reasons our technology has changed over the years – to allow our clients to modify their workflow but still leverage technology for any type of hiring.

Candidates Don’t Like Skype for Video Interviews

Through our own independent research, we surveyed 400 job seekers who interviewed using Skype as the medium. Similar to ManpowerGroup Solutions’ findings, they did not like the Skype-based interview. Actually, the question was about “ease of use”. When asked to agree or disagree with this statement, “Skype was easy to use for my video interview,” only about a quarter of the respondents agreed. It has to make you wonder. If 25% of the surveyed audience said the interview tool was easy to use, what about the other 75%. “Not easy to use” amounts to what? Aggravation? Mild annoyance? I don’t think I’m taking a leap adding my own layer of opinion here that the low scores on ease of use translate into not liking the experience overall and voicing preference for an in-person interview with the hiring manager.

Purpose-Built for Hiring

In contrast to the data mentioned above, thousands of job candidates take a survey after they interact with Modern Hire. Here’s where we can really get into the meat of the difference. On one hand you have a tool built for chat or conferences getting low ratings for ease of use. On the other hand, you have technology built from the ground up specifically for hiring receiving very high ratings for ease of use.

We know all candidates want quality time with the hiring manager. They want to present themselves for the job in the most attractive, well-thought-out way possible. They want to know where they stand in the hiring process and get to a job offer FAST. So we designed our technology to deliver:
  • Tight audio and video sync so people can communicate smoothly. Modern Hire’s video interviewing platform uses half the bandwidth of Skype.
  • Easy communication from a laptop or any mobile device to keep the momentum going no matter who is out of the office.
  • A flexible way for a candidate to explore the new opportunity without having to take time off from work.
  • Configurability so the recruiter can give candidates a great experience with unlimited thinking time and a chance to re-record their on-demand interview responses.
  • Client media (links, videos, FAQs, meet the hiring manager) in the video interviewing foyer to cater to the candidate’s desire to know more about this employer.

Ultimately our job as the video interviewing technology provider is to aid the hiring workflow so solid decisions about hiring are made faster, getting the candidate to the one-on-one interview with the hiring manager. That’s what the candidates want, and that’s what the skilled recruiters want. And that’s why Modern Hire is chosen most by the Fortune 1000, and why we are the partner of choice for the RPO Baker’s Dozen, including ManpowerGroup.