Why Your Job Candidates Lose Interest

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New research indicates nearly one quarter of candidates (23%) lose interest in a potential employer if they don’t hear back from that company within a week of their initial interview. Wait more than two weeks, and you’ve lost the attention of another 46%. This is a hard truth for TA teams doing their best to cope with talent shortages and high-pressure hiring demands. Still, it is the reality. In a candidate-driven market, hiring processes have to align closely with candidate expectations to keep them engaged.

Tallying Up the Costs of Slow Hiring

The new data is part of the “Time to Hire” study recently released by Robert Half, and it reveals another cost of slow hiring. Of those surveyed, 32% said a protracted hiring process makes them question the organization’s ability to make other decisions. That’s not the strong, positive impression TA professionals are striving to create. This finding echoes the results of an independent study commissioned by Modern Hire about the impact of several rounds of interviews during hiring.

According to our survey of 200 active job seekers:

  • 41% say they get a negative impression of an employer if they are asked back for more than two rounds of interviews.
  • Another 26% say more than three rounds of interviews is too many.

It gets even more interesting when we break the data down further:

  • 62% of job candidates from the Northeast region of the U.S. expect to be asked back for no more than two rounds of interviews; and
  • 83% of candidates in the $75-$99K income bracket also say more than two rounds is too many.

Candidates have clear expectations about rounds of interviews (two) and the time they will wait for follow up communication from a potential employer (one-two weeks). If your hiring process doesn’t hold up, they will lose interest and move on. They may also communicate their negative feelings about their experience with your company to friends, family and colleagues.

There is some good news, though. While changes to your hiring process can’t happen overnight, with purpose-built video interviewing you can make your process faster and more agile in a short amount of time.

Speed It Up Without Losing Quality of Hire

Purpose-built video interviewing is designed to help TA teams quickly deliver highly qualified candidates to the final interview stage. The streamlined hiring process is more efficient for recruiters, and also helps them meet candidate expectations for a streamlined hiring experience. Modern Hire’s video interviewing solution reduces time spent on scheduling, screening and gathering feedback, which can reduce time to hire. It also makes it easier for all key decision-makers to participate in an interview, so companies can hire with fewer interviews for candidates.

With video interviewing, our clients are able to speed up their process without losing quality of hire. Penn Medicine reduced its time to offer by 7 days using on-demand video interviews:

“I joke with my VP that we screen while we sleep…After sending the invites, we come in the next morning and have 30-70 completed interviews to review. We can quickly identify about half of those people to submit to our hiring managers. It speeds up the process, and it’s fun, too.” — Colleen Diercksen, Penn Medicine’s Assistant Director of Talent Acquisition Operations. Read the case study.

Allstate streamlined its pre-screening process: “Our recruiters all need to do pres-creens on every candidate that we bring through to the interview process. Those pre-screens can average anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes per candidate. [With Modern Hire’s on-demand video interviewing] we don’t have to schedule and reschedule those pre-screens anymore. We’re now able to provide a convenience to the candidates as well as to the recruiter… so we’ve realized a lot of time efficiencies.” — Michelle Schroeder, Technology and Data Manager for Allstate.

Pacific Western, the largest privately-owned passenger transportation company in Canada, shortened its hiring process and met aggressive hiring goals: “We’d send out interview requests, and by the time we got back into the system, we already had responses. Sometimes you wait a week just to schedule an interview, but with Modern Hire, we could get completed interviews back within a matter of hours.” — Dan Finley, VP of HR Strategy for Pacific Western Transportation.

Pacific Western receives completed on-demand video interviews ready for review within hours.

To learn more about ways video interviewing can help you hold your candidates’ attention, contact us for a live demo today.


As Modern Hire’s VP of Product, Tom Boyle is responsible for product marketing and strategy, enhancing the product vision and driving the road map forward. Tom has consulted with hundreds of enterprise organizations about their unique Talent Management strategies. He is a regular contributor to industry magazines and blogs, including HR Bartender, the Ladders, ERE and Forbes.